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    ‘Home Town’ Introduces an Outdoor Upgrade We’ve Never Seen: Have You?


    Are you a nature lover who wants to bring the outdoors into your home? Erin and Ben Napier of HGTV’s “Home Town” know just how to give a home a natural feel (and not just by adding potted plants).

    In the Season 5 episode “Country House, City House,” Erin and Ben meet Casey and Jennifer Adams, a couple who love camping and fishing. With so much of their time spent outdoors, it may seem like these two wouldn’t be too particular about what the inside of their house looks like. Still, Erin and Ben want to give their home a beautiful, earthy style.

    Erin and Ben explain that this couple bought a house for $135,000, so once they factor in the $90,000 renovation, the project ends up costing $225,000 total. Here’s how Erin and Ben give this home an outdoorsy vibe, which might inspire you to try a few of the same features in your own abode.

    Copper gutters add bling to a home’s exterior

    This green house blended into the yard.


    Initially, Casey and Jennifer weren’t wild about their home’s green exterior. But since their renovation budget is tight, Erin and Ben explain that holding off on painting the house would save about $15,000.

    “With the right accents and things and the right landscaping, you could love that green,” Ben says.

    With new gutters and new landscaping, this house looks perfect.


    With the exterior color here to stay, Erin wants to help the house stand out from the surrounding foliage, so she adds copper gutters to break up the green overload.

    “We needed that touch of something fancy to break up all the wash of the green, the neutral. Everything can’t be neutral,” Erin says. “Something needs to create contrast.”

    With some new gutters and a trimmed lawn, the curb appeal is increased dramatically. It’s proof that not all flips need an expensive paint job. Sometimes a house just needs new accessories!

    A rain chain adds a creative water element

    rain chain
    This rain chain is a fun home feature.


    Erin and Ben decide that these fancy new gutters deserve an addition that’s so novel, many may have not seen it before: a rain chain.

    “This is a decorative way to take the water down slowly without using a downspout,” Ben explains.

    Erin chooses a lovely chain with miniature buckets that carry the water down in an elegant way. But they’re not done yet.

    “The most important part of the rain chain is that you need a receptacle to catch the rain,” Ben says. So Erin chooses a large pot with a simple shape and a natural finish.

    Picture-frame wood floors

    woods floors
    This wood flooring is pretty, but there isn’t enough of it.


    The wood flooring in this house is beautiful, but there just isn’t enough of it. Ben and Erin plan to feather in some new oak, but with inch-thick boards and a crooked edge, it’s a difficult job.

    Ben comes up with a plan to picture-frame the floors.

    “Picture-framing the floors would essentially put a border around what’s already there, but it would also give us a straight edge to start the new flooring on,” Ben explains.

    With Ben’s idea, they’re able to both save the original flooring and add character.

    living room
    Adding wood makes this living room floor look like new.


    Gray can feel warm and natural, too

    dining room
    This dining room color already looked earthy, but Jennifer wanted a new look.


    For an outdoorsy feel, one might imagine Erin would use a lot of browns and greens in the interior. However, she goes with gray in the dining room.

    Erin explains that Jennifer loves gray, but points out that it can be a tricky color to use. “You’ve got to be careful with gray, you don’t want it to go purple. A warmer gray is always better.”

    The gray hue they end up choosing adds a touch of warmth while still seeming elegant—perfect for giving dinnertime a more elevated ambiance.

    dining room
    This gray color is beautifully elegant.


    Wood beams can warm up a cold kitchen

    This kitchen was plain and boring.


    Continuing with the gray theme, Erin explains that Jennifer wants the kitchen to be gray and white. However, she doesn’t want to stick to these colors exclusively.

    “Jennifer loves a gray and white kitchen,” Erin says. “I want to give her that, but also want to make sure it doesn’t feel cold. So, like the beams, that’s adding warmth to the room.”

    The wood beams add earth tones to the otherwise stark kitchen, making it look cozy and homey.

    The wood beams and tile floor warm up this kitchen.


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