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    ‘Home Town’ Makeover! Erin and Ben Napier’s Top Design Moves To Try This Summer


    “Home Town” is a certified smash on HGTV, and having just finished Season 4 of their show (with Season 5 in the works), Erin and Ben Napier are busier than ever renovating houses in their hometown of Laurel, MS. Meanwhile, the husband-and-wife design team is also inspiring fans across America to apply “Home Town” makeovers to their own abodes.

    So what, exactly, do “Home Town” home designs all have in common? In a nutshell, it’s country chic—a homier, cozier version of the modern farmhouse made famous by Chip and Joanna Gaines on “Fixer Upper.” Filled with colorful patterns, bright colors, and a relaxed feel, this fresh and charming style could make for the perfect inspiration for those looking to redecorate this summer.

    To help you add a little country chic to your own home, we culled through old “Home Town” episodes to distill the Napiers’ signature design moves. As you wait for the next season to start, read on to learn how you can capture that signature “Home Town” look in your house.

    Reclaimed wood adds warmth to a dining table

    Repurposed wood tables look great, and they’re wonderfully unique. This table was made out of reclaimed pine that was once part of the house.


    Ben is an expert at making furniture out of reclaimed wood. In fact, it seems no “Home Town” house is complete without a piece made from leftover wood that was once in the house.

    Yet even if your home has no extra wood to rip out, simply choosing wood-tone pieces can brighten up your home and give it a warm, earthy feel. One great opportunity is in the dining room. While some may love the look of a modern dining table in black or gray, Erin and Ben prove just how beautiful a classic wood table can be.

    Add built-in shelves to each side of a fireplace

    Some simple shelves make for great decor.


    In many homes featured on the show, Erin and Ben add shelves to flank the fireplace—and for good reason. They add some much-needed storage and the perfect place to show off special memories. Plus, built-in shelves elongate the space and make the fireplace look grander.

    Hang baskets on the wall

    Baskets make for great decor.


    Walls aren’t just for framed photos anymore. Erin loves decorating walls with fun and funky pieces, like woven baskets. They’re great options for the walls because they’re textured and interesting to look at, and they give the space an earthy feel. Erin uses them in one laundry room from Season 4, and they look great in the space. It’s the perfect room for these fun decorations.

    Floral wallpaper can still look young and fun

    A little accent wallpaper can bring style to a boring bathroom.


    Some may look at wallpaper and think “Grandma’s house,” but Erin proves that wallpaper can look young and fun, too. She’s chosen many floral wallpapers for her designs over the years, and they all look fabulous.

    One great spot to put some wallpaper is in the bathroom. It brightens up what can otherwise be a dull space, and on such small walls, it won’t feel like too much.

    Patterned chairs are a perfect accent

    This chair is a mix of polka dots and florals, a fun and unique combo.


    While floral wallpaper may be just the ticket for a stylish “Home Town” bathroom, the pattern also finds a home in Erin’s furniture.

    Furniture choice can make or break a sitting area, and Erin knows that stylish floral prints can make an accent chair come to life. Her upholstery is a great example for those looking to bring some colorful, country charm into a living room.

    Use paint for a pop of color

    A colorful door can change the look of a house.


    Erin and Ben have colorful personalities, which helps explain why they love bringing bright colors into their designs. Whether it’s a pink house with a blue door or green cabinets in the kitchen, they know how to work color into the mix.

    It’s great inspiration for homeowners looking for a simple update that will change a lot. Changing the color of a home, or even choosing a bold tone for an accent wall, can make all the difference.

    A bit of plaid goes a long way

    These plaid curtains bring a rugged charm to the bathroom.


    Erin and Ben are experts at rustic design, and sometimes that means incorporating some plaid into the design. A plaid shower curtain, like this one, brings a perfect amount of personality to the space.

    Understated lighting helps the rest of the room shine

    These simple pendant lights complement the rest of the decor, without taking attention away.


    While some designers might swear by large, statement light fixtures, Erin and Ben know that sometimes less is more. They’ve been known to install understated, simple lighting that bring a retro charm to the kitchen. With a small pendant light, homeowners can let the rest of the room shine.

    Add texture with accent rugs

    A rug adds color and sophistication to a room.


    One “Home Town” decor must-have is a colorful rug. Area rugs add texture and color to a room while also adding a mature, classic look.

    An area rug can be the perfect addition to a living room, dining room, or home office. And the best part? If you don’t like how it looks in one room, you can simply roll it up and take it away.

    Don’t forget porch decor

    This porch is decorated perfectly.


    Great decor doesn’t have to stay inside the house. In fact, Erin and Ben sometimes seem to save their best looks for the front porch. Whether it be with a stylish porch swing, a great table and chair set, or simply some cozy pillows, they always make their front porches look lovely.

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