How We Price Your Home to Sell in Summit County, CO

    When pricing a home for sale, real estate agents have a unique effect on the housing market. Not only are we following trends in the local, regional and national housing markets, but at the same time we are setting them. We are able to do this with such confidence because of our working knowledge of the constantly fluctuating market.

    We can then use and manipulate this information to create pricepoints for home sellers, which allow you to get the most value out of your property without having the house sit on the market for longer than any seller would like. This is why working with us during the sale of your home is crucial.

    Home Pricing to Sell

    Property-Specific Factors that Affect the Pricepoint of Your Home

    The first thing a real estate agent will do to determine a price that will maximize your profits and the speed at which your home sells is to physically visit your property.  During this visit, our real estate agents will either inspect the home themselves or use a licensed home inspection agent from the American Society of Home Inspectors.

    While home inspections can differ from home to home based on the size, style, location, age, and other unique factors, a typical home report will consist of the following inspection points:

    • The Structure – inspecting the foundation, siding, and framing for cracks, rot, pests, etc.
    • The Exterior – inspecting the decks, balconies, shutters, yard, outdoor piping, and tree root systems for soft spots, drainage problems, safety concerns, deterioration, etc.
    • The Roofing – inspecting all aspects of the roof, drains, and chimneys for wear, age, upkeep, low slopes, drainage problems, deterioration, etc.
    • The Plumbing – inspecting all interior plumbing applications including pipes, toilets, sinks, showers, etc. for leaks, breaks, and mold.
    • Other Areas – inspecting ventilation, HVAC systems, electrical, interior, and fireplaces for various problems

    While any of these areas can bring the overall value of your home up or down, real estate agents have various networking connections for quick, economical fixes for problems found during the inspection, once again, working to maximize the value and “sellability” of your home.

    Personal Factors that Affect the Sale of Your Home in Summit County, CO

    Other factors which directly influence the price of your home are how much you are looking to sell for as well as how quickly you want the home to sell. Generally speaking, fair- to bargain-priced houses will sell quicker, especially in great condition, but that doesn’t mean that you have to undercut your prices to get a speedy sale.

    Since real estate agents have an ear to the ground in the local, regional, and national housing markets, we know the fair pricing points and how quickly these types of houses sell. This allows us to work within your own parameters to maximize your profit while still meeting all time goals you set for the sale.

    How the Housing Market Affects Your Home’s Value in Summit County

    Finally, we perform what is called a “comparative market analysis,” which is where we take a look at your home and put it in perspective. Not only are we looking at current trends in the housing market, but we are predicting trends as well. By examining the local real estate market and putting it in context with your location and all of the factors discussed above, we are able to generate a price that accurately reflects your wants and the actual value of your home.

    To find out more about this pricing process contact us today and let’s sell your home together without the headache and hassle!

    See How We Can Sell Your Home Today!


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