How Summit County Can Help Colorado Flood Victims

    After a summer of wildfires, flooding became Colorado’s latest disaster. Cites like Evans, Milliken, Loveland, and Lyons were hit hard and many people lost their homes, their cars, and worse, life was lost.

    While Summit County was spared from the worse of the flooding, the residents of Summit County can show their Colorado Strong Pride by helping those in need.

    Mountain Donation Locations, the Denver NBC affiliate, has set up the “9Cares” program where caring citizens can donate food, clothing, and other goods to the suffering flood victims. They have revolving drop off points throughout Colorado. A list of drop off locations can be found on the 9News website. Most are located at City Market and King Soopers grocery stores.

    Habitat for Humanity

    Many homes were destroyed during the flood and Habitat for Humanity has set up operations to help those in need to rebuild. The citizens of Summit County can help by donating to this organization at

    Donations of as little as $10 will be accepted and will go to help buy building materials to build new homes. Habitat for Humanity also accepts volunteers to help build the homes no matter the level of experience.

    Help For Animals

    People were not the only ones affected by the flood. Thousands of acres of farmland in Eastern Colorado have been destroyed. Horses, cattle, and other livestock have been killed or have been left without a place to feed. is looking for donations to help feed and house these animals. If a person is willing to donate pasture, feed, or money, it will be gratefully accepted by an organization that is dedicated to helping animals.

    Helping Teachers Help Their Students

    Many schools were affected by the flood, especially in the Big Thompson Canyon area and Lyons. Whole classrooms were destroyed along with books, furniture, and equipment. The teachers of these schools are trying to rebuild their classrooms, sometimes with their own money.

    OfficeMax and are teaming up to collect money to rebuild these classrooms. OfficeMax is matching all donations up to ten thousand dollars. Money will go to helping to restore water damaged classrooms, school supplies, and books.

    Religious Organizations

    Catholic Charities USA is accepting monetary donations to help flood victims with short and long-term needs. The money will go to food, clothing, temporary shelter, and the rebuilding of the homes that were lost.

    Many churches in the Eastern Colorado, the Front Range, the Mountains, and the Western Slope are having food drives, clothing collection drop offs, and events to help money for the flood victims. A phone call to a local church in Summit County can provide information where and when these events will take place.

    Colorado is a strong state with good people. The recent fire and floods has only strengthened the resolve of its citizens to rebuild and to reach out to those in need. Whether it is food, clothing, or a place to take care of livestock, Summit County can show Colorado that it cares.

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