How the Seasons Change Your Home Sale

    Winter, spring, summer, or fall — you can market and sell your house if you use a few simple tips offered here. How fast a house will sell and when you can get your best price can be determined by the season for which you are listing. Following these guidelines and keeping these facts in mind can help you get to a successful closing table in your time frame. Let’s start with first discussing winter:

    Colorado Home Selling Season

    Winter Seller Market in Summit County, CO

    Historically winter has never been a good time to sell real estate. There are so many variables to selling in winter, from bad weather conditions that disallow the viewings of properties to people not wanting to uproot families during the holidays. As a seller in Summit County, you could list your house low and you may get some bites from ski enthusiasts, but if you don’t have to sell during the winter, it is better to hold off.

    Spring Seller Market in Summit County, CO

    Spring is always a good time to list your house. House hunters wanting to move usually start looking in spring, and because of that, sellers get to list their houses at higher price points. This is where quantity meets demand. With the average house sale being $700,000 for a single family home, $359,000 for a condo, and $281,388 for vacant land in Summit County, putting your house on the market in spring makes this a prime time to list for sellers looking to make a profit.

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    Summer Seller Market in Summit County, CO

    Summer is also a great time to list your house and you can still keep it in the higher price range as this is still peak season in this area. Educated home buyers will be looking for property in Summit County, since the area offers a lot of summer fun. Buying a vacation home here offers the best of all worlds as there is so much to do in any season. They’ll be actively on the hunt for their next dream home, so they can participate in those summer activities. Sellers should make sure that buyers are aware that there is as much to do in the summer as in winter. Summit County is a great place to live, work and play.

    Fall Seller Market in Summit County, CO

    It is not impossible to sell a house in the fall, but it does take longer and you may have to list lower. Most of the home buyers looking to purchase in your area have already done so for the reasons stated above. You could list your property at current market value and the folks out there without children who are looking to get into their new home or vacation property for the peak of ski season might make an offer, but most of those purchases will probably be condo’s, townhouses or duplexes.

    Selling Your House According to the Season

    The real estate market in Summit County, Colorado does follow the national seasonal real estate market trends pretty closely. The peak seasons to list are spring and summer. With the added attraction of prime skiing areas, there may be a few buyers looking to purchase into early fall.

    If you want to sell your Summit County property, now is the best time to act. Contact us to find out how we can make that happen for you.

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