The Secrets To Selling Your House

    There’s a cat-and-mouse game when it comes to selling real estate. Can you get the most money for your house without discouraging homebuyers?


    Everyone wants the best deal. Getting there is a special journey.

    Over the years in real estate, I’ve realized people search for properties based on amenities, location, lifestyle, and price. But ultimately, as many of the decisions we make in life, it is truly decided by the first impression. And it only takes 7 seconds to form a first impression, the literal equivalent of stepping out of the car and seeing your house for the first time.

    That’s not much time to win over a homebuyer, right? Hence the game of cat and mouse. To better sell your home, you have to set the right stage for making a great impression, luring a person’s interest until there’s no remaining doubt.

    As you work with a real estate agent, there are a few things you can do (as the seller) to attract homebuyers and get them to say “yes.” Below, I break them down into 3 simple, but ingenious, strategies.

    How to Highlight Lifestyle, Artfully

    When’s the last time a perfectly staged house — ones you see in stock photography — got you excited?

    Stock photography, a Houzz or Pinterest picture get you excited because the photo allows you to picture yourself in that room! All vestiges of the homeowner are gone and now you have an uninterrupted, uncluttered place where you would enjoy living.

    At Resort Real Estate Experts – The Smits Team we like to promote the lifestyle as much as the home. People come here for skiing, hiking, and relaxing with absolutely amazing views of nature. By showing how your house caters to the lifestyle a homebuyer is seeking, you can leave quite a lasting impression.

    Imagine finding a property where it organized all your winter gear (skis, coats, boots, etc) in a creative way. Or imagine finding furniture oriented specifically so you could kick back, enjoy a warm beverage, and admire the mountain vistas. People want to imagine themselves in activities around your house. These moments create great first impressions.

    Price: Finding the Right Medium

    It’s easy to pull estimates of your home’s value. You know what you paid and obviously, want to see an increase in value. The rabbit hole people tend to get stuck in is this: Is your home worth it? Every homebuyer is going to ask that question.

    When selling your house, you need to price it accordingly where you’ll see the most money without pushing away buyers.

    To do that, you must understand how people search for real estate. They’ll often start by city or location, and then narrow down by price. It’s all about what they can afford. And if you’ve ever looked on a website, there are pricing brackets. Example: $500,000 – $600,000.

    If you price your home outside of the conventional brackets, you could be eliminating a group of homebuyers searching because they won’t see your home pop up in their search criteria. Check out our guide “10.5 Mistakes Most Sellers (and Realtors®) Make When Trying to Sell Their Home”.

    Offer an Interesting Deal; One to Win Buyers

    If you’ve attracted a homebuyer and they’re close to buying, one easy way to nudge them forward is by sweetening the deal. Put yourself ahead of the competition (i.e. other homes for sale) by offering negotiating terms that benefit the buyer. For example, you can offer to pay closing costs.  You can offer a home warranty so they feel protected in their purchase.  In a world where many want what is the absolute best for themselves, this is a time where giving value you separate you from the pack exponentially.

    If you’re interested in selling, contact the The Smits Team today!

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