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    How to Mix Candle Fragrances to Create a Signature Scent in Your Home

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    Every home needs a signature scent that is unique and personal. One of the easiest ways to keep guests asking “What is that amazing smell?!” is to bring out scented candles. But why stop at burning just one? Lighting two complementary candles, also known as scent mixing, can help build a vibe in your place that’s totally your own.

    “Scents in the home create a mood and an emotion—they can make you relaxed, uplifted, and happy to hang out in the room,” says Frauke Galia, a fragrance pro at FALK Aromatherapy.

    Filling your home with soothing scents has also been proven to reduce anxiety and promote quality sleep. (Perhaps needless to say, you should never fall asleep with a lit candle!)

    Below are some winning scent combinations, plus our favorite candles that are worth stocking up.

    Sandalwood + rose

    rose candle
    Rose-scented candles will give your home an elegant lift.

    Brooklyn Candle Studio

    Sandalwood and rose are on different ends of the scent spectrum, but they balance each other out wonderfully to create a sensual and refined experience.

    Candles to try: No.04 Bois de Balincourt from Maison Louis Marie ($34, Sephora) and Rose Botanica from Brooklyn Candle Studio ($24, Brooklyn Candle Studio)


    Lemon + peppermint

    A lemony scent is like a ray of sunshine.

    Williams Sonoma

    “These two scents are great together for an energy and mood boost, and they’re the perfect pair to kick off the day on a positive note,” says Jen Sullivan, an aromatherapy expert at Modern & Co.

    Candles to try: Meyer Lemon from Williams Sonoma ($20, Williams Sonoma) and Simple Peppermint from Our Own Candle Company ($10, Amazon).


    Pine + orange

    candle scent combinations
    A cedar candle will bring the cozy factor to any home.

    Space NK

    This combo is a personal favorite of Elaine Jemmott, an essential oil educator. The forest-like scent of pine—which, in candle form, often also includes hints of leather and smoke—is balanced by energetic citrus notes of blood orange and mandarin orange.

    Candles to try: Byredo Woods ($85, Space NK) and Chesapeake Bay Blood Orange ($10.50, Target)


    Ylang-ylang + orange

    candle combinations
    This ylang-ylang candle comes in a modern rose-gold jar.


    Want to create a romantic mood? These two aromas work well as a pair since, according to Sullivan, ylang-ylang inspires feelings of love and positivity and balances male and female energies, while orange promotes a calming sensation and a relaxing environment.

    Candles to try: Ylang-Ylang from La Jolie Muse ($17, Amazon) and Sicilian Tangerine from Nest Fragrance ($42, Neiman Marcus).


    Mint + lavender

    mint candle
    A mint candle will refresh your space.

    World Market

    The changing of the seasons can bring on sneezing and coughing, but if you’re feeling under the weather, Jemmott recommends the one-two punch of mint and lavender scents emanating through the house.

    “The smell of mint soothes congestion, and lavender is great for inflammation,” she says.

    Candles to try: Eucalyptus Mint from World Market ($15, World Market) and Lavender by Mrs. Meyer’s ($10, Target).


    Chamomile + frankincense

    We love this phthalate-free candle for its attractive (and reusable) amber jar.


    Jemmott likes to use this pairing to settle her house down at night.

    “During the ‘witching hours’ between dinner and bedtime, I use a blend of two scents, one for relaxing and the other for grounding,” she explains. Chamomile can help relax the mind, and frankincense is said to be a comforting scent.

    Candles to try: Chamomile from The Little Queens Co. ($21, Etsy) and Frankincense from Just Makes Scents ($14, Amazon).

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