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    Inside the Kardashians’ Latest Home—and Why They’ll Hate It All Too Soon

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    The Kardashians just love going home shopping! And here’s the latest proof: News has just surfaced that they’ve reportedly bought an 11,081-square-foot, seven-bedroom, seven-bath mansion in La Quinta, CA, for $12 million.

    As for which particular Kardashian is behind the purchase, according to property records reviewed by the California newspaper Desert Sun, the house was purchased by the Lou Ethel Wyatt Family Trust, which has documented ties to family matriarch Kris Jenner.

    And we can see why she fell for the place: With its sleek rectangular pool, oversize outdoor fireplaces, and sweeping views of mountains in the distance, it screams party pad! Especially given the star-studded Coachella music festival occurs each spring virtually across the street (that’s where Kylie Jenner first met her partner, rapper Travis Scott).

    Kardashian home
    The Kardashians’ new home in La Quinta, CA

    So what does this Kardashian invasion mean for the neighborhood? Well, the Coachella Valley is certainly no stranger to celebrity residents. For starters, this particular house was previously owned by Sylvester Stallone. And while a $12 million purchase price is pretty steep, it does not hold the title of Most Expensive Real Estate Deal in the Area; that goes to the 2016 sale of Bob Hope‘s ritzy estate in nearby Palm Springs for $13 million.

    kardashian home
    The interior

    Nonetheless, having the Kardashian clan as neighbors isn’t sitting well with all the locals, with one source reporting that some high-end residents “are losing their minds. … There goes the neighborhood.”

    Meet the Kardashians, for real

    “I do feel bad for their neighbors,” says California real estate developer Tyler Drew, who owns a vacation rental in La Quinta. “With reality TV stars as neighbors comes reality TV drama, and it’s not like the Kardashians have a low-key lifestyle. I wouldn’t blame the neighbors for being upset.”

    Because Coachella madness aside, during the rest of the year, “at night La Quinta is dead-silent, like the residents want it to be,” Drew explains. “When not in use as a hotel for the Coachella and Stagecoach festivals, it doubles as a sleepy vacation rental town for well-off septuagenarian snowbirds coming down from the great, white north in the winter. It also has more golf courses per capita than any other city in America, boasting a dozen or so private and public courses.”

    kardashian home
    The expansive covered porch—perfect for parties

    Last we checked, the Kardashians don’t play golf … or enjoy peace and quiet. All of this sounds like a neighbor feud in the making.

    “The takeaway is that you should pay close attention to the lifestyle of the people who would be your neighbors,” says John Collopy, the owner and broker of Re/Max Results in Minnesota. “That’s why you should move into a neighborhood that fits your values. Unfortunately, if someone who has different values moves in, there’s not much you can do unless they break the law. If your neighbor likes to have 30 people over for a barbecue, there’s not much you can do.”

    Or 300 people crashing for Coachella.

    Why the Kardashians can boost property values

    If there’s any upside for locals, it’s this: The Kardashians will likely cause a bump in property prices.

    “Neighbors might not be too happy with the potential circus their entourage could bring to the area, but ultimately the celebrity factor will elevate property values in the neighborhood,” says California-licensed real estate agent Cara Ameer.

    Plus, for any sellers who can hunker down and wait them out, once Coachella is over, the Kardashians will likely die of boredom in this snooze of a town and move on. As Drew puts it, “I’ll give them a couple of years before they move on to a trendier, more lively place to live.”

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