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    Instantly Upgrade Your Laundry Room With These 6 Items


    Doing laundry is near the top of the list of the most hated chores in America, bested only by washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. And while cleaning clothes today is much easier than, say, 200 years ago (no washboard needed!), it’s still enough of a pain to inspire deep loathing.

    That laundry basket is never going to stop filling up, but wouldn’t it be great if there were items that could help take the slog out of doing the wash? Just the right laundry room accessories can make your process more efficient, and that’s bound to make the chore at least a wee bit easier. Check out our top picks, below.

    1. Glass storage jars

    laundry room items
    Store all your laundry room necessities in glass jars.


    Most people try to hide their laundry supplies, but these pretty canister jars allow you to display them. This three-pack set ($19.99, mDesign) is ideal for holding detergent powder and pods, dryer sheets, or clothespins. You can keep them organized and nearby for convenience. And since the jars are clear, you’ll always know when you need to refill them or reorder supplies.

    2. Hidden ironing board

    laundry room items
    Hide your ironing board when it’s not in use.

    Slide Away Ironing Boards

    We’re all looking to optimize a small space. In the laundry room that means “configuring the space around the washer and dryer,” says Ian Graham, owner of Tailored Living Markham in Ontario, Canada. That’s why he loves a pull-down ironing board ($199, Slide-Away Ironing Boards), saying it’s both strategic and space-saving.

    “While a small detail, not having to dig out the board and iron from the back of the closet on the other side of the house allows for quick touch-ups,” he says.

    3. Pet utility sink

    Laundry utility sink /Jackson Supplies

    Dog lovers, this one’s for you!

    Jamie Safier, a luxury real estate agent at Douglas Elliman in New York City, is seeing an increase in built-in pet utility sinks.

    “More and more people have dogs and cats, and a well-designed cleaning station for them in the laundry room is certainly an attractive feature to anyone when they’re considering buying a house,” he says.

    As an alternative to a built-in laundry utility sink, you can purchase a utility tub ($149, Amazon) that can live in your laundry room. Our pick has a high-arc chrome faucet and a side sprayer. It’s great for washing your dog or hosing down soiled clothes. The sturdy sink has metal legs and includes an accessory basket, towel hook, and cute anti-slip, dog paw–shaped treads.

    4. Wool dryer balls

    laundry room items
    Wool dryer balls can help keep your laundry fresh in the dryer.


    Pulling damp laundry out of your dryer when the cycle is finished is a major annoyance. But dryer balls can help prevent your clothes from clinging to the edge of the tumbler.

    “Dryer balls force their way in between clothing and separate them, allowing the hot air to dry everything faster,” says Caleb Liu, owner of House Simply Sold in Orange, CA. He swears by these wool dryer balls by Ecoigy ($10, Amazon).

    They’re fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable, and can be used for over 1,000 loads to naturally soften your laundry while reducing wrinkles and static.

    5. Vintage laundry basket with wheels

    laundry room items
    Add some elegance to your laundry room.

    3R Studios

    No one wants to lug a heavy laundry basket from room to room. Whether you’re transporting or storing laundry, you can do it in style with a vintage laundry basket with wheels ($108, Hayneedle).

    The metal basket is available in silver, copper, or rust. And when you’re not doing laundry, you can also use it to transport other types of items.

    6. Portable clothes washer

    laundry room items
    Wash only the items you need to.


    Not ready to do a full load of laundry? Wash only the items you need with a portable clothes washer ($29.99, Laundreez). All you have to do is insert the dirty clothes, pour in the water and detergent, close the lid, and shake it. The cap is designed to make it easy to empty water and refill the bag with water to rinse the clothes. The best part about this is that your hands can stay dry—and you use a fraction of the water that goes into a typical load.

    You can also use this bag to presoak clothes and wash items that are delicate or difficult to clean, like plush toys and baseball caps.

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