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It’s a Blast: $550K Decommissioned Missile Silo in Nebraska Quickly Finds a Buyer

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Here’s a blast from the past. A decommissioned missile silo in York, NE, has come on the market for $550,000.

If you didn’t know that Nebraska once housed thermonuclear warheads, you’re not alone.

“We weren’t even aware they were around here,” says listing agent Mike Figueroa. He and Polly Figueroa share this unusual listing, which drew hundreds of thousands of clicks and was last week’s most popular home on®.

Social media also went ballistic over the below-ground dwelling.

And, after just 12 days on the market, the 6-acre property already has a buyer attached.

What lies beneath

The underground complex once housed an Atlas-F missile. The missile was stored vertically in a “super-hardened silo” designed to withstand a nuclear attack.

Door to the underground home

This missile site in the middle of Nebraska was just one of 12 around the state built in the 1960s.

The missile sites were constructed in the early 1960s and operational from 1962 through 1965. The sites, whose purpose was to serve as a deterrent during the Cold War, were then decommissioned and ultimately sold to private owners.

Underground living quarters

Bath tub

For those who like to be prepared for an above-ground catastrophe, a heavily fortified underground bunker might be just the ticket.

Figueroa sees the 2,500-square-foot space as a true bargain.

“We were just amazed at the history of it, the effort it took to construct these. It was a massive undertaking. You see how much money they spent at the time, $17 million to $18 million on one site,” he says.


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Bunker mentality

The facility consists of a two-story underground residence, where crews lived 24/7, as well as the original command and control center, complete with the launch button.

Missile complex

The undergound dwelling features 1,256 square feet of space on each floor, although the lower level remains unfinished.

The first level is “completely livable” with electricity, hot and cold running water, and a bath tub. There’s heat as well as a kitchen and dining area.

The now-empty silo is 174 feet deep and 52 feet across, with reinforced concrete walls and two massive launch doors that weigh over 50 tons.

Unfinished space

The original owners purchased the property in 1998, inspired by fears of the impending Y2K crisis and the predicted malfunction of some computer systems prior to or at the beginning of the year 2000.

Now they live out of state and want to pass the project on to someone else who wants to burrow into a serious project.

While it’s unclear what the next owner will do with the space, options abound. A spruced-up space could work as an Airbnb rental, ultimate man cave, or a prepper paradise that’s ultrasecure.

While this York missile complex is under contract, Figueroa has already received a call from the owner of another Nebraska silo in the Lincoln area. If another missile silo listing comes along, we’ll keep an eye out for a booming response.

“It’s been an adventure,” Figueroa says. “It is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.”

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