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    ‘It’s a Dream’: Christina Haack Reveals Her ‘Absolute Favorite’ New Trend


    Christina Haack is famed for her gorgeous home designs, but in the latest “Christina on the Coast,” she introduces a daring new countertop that could really take off.

    In the Season 4 episode “A Marriage of Styles,” Haack makes over a master suite for Whitney and Jeff, a couple she knows who live near her Newport, CA, home. While renovating for friends can be tricky in itself, Haack soon learns that these two have very different styles: Whitney wants neutral tones, while Jeff is hoping for splashes of color.

    Haack begins this project with an $80,000 budget, but when Whitney decides to add a closet onto the back of the house, costs balloon. Haack ends up spending $140,000 on the project, but the results are worth every penny. Here’s how Haack renovates this master suite, which includes plenty of take-home lessons that might inspire some of your own changes.

    Use smooth stucco on a shower wall

    This bathroom was plain and unexciting.


    When it comes to bathroom design, Jeff wants a bold look with loud colors, while Whitney is more interested in a refined look with neutral tones. So they compromise by picking a soft gray tile that has a bold design.

    “It’s a happy medium,” Whitney explains. “I get my neutrals, but he’s getting texture.”

    However, this tile is pricey and Haack explains that if they were to install this tile throughout the bathroom as planned, they’d go $5,000 over their tile budget.

    They decide to split the difference and use the tile over the vanity while putting stucco in the shower.

    bathroom tile
    This tile is a neutral color, but the design is fairly busy.


    “When most people hear the word ‘stucco,’ they think about that bumpy texture on the outside of a house,” Haack says. “But stucco comes in different textures, and smooth stucco is a great option for the shower. It’s totally waterproof, and it’ll give the walls a natural stone look.”

    While stucco might be an uncommon choice for a shower wall, it ends up looking fantastic. The matte gray color gives the shower a subtle elegance, and pairs well with the busy tile.

    When the bathroom is finished, Haack is glad they didn’t cover the whole bathroom in tile.

    “It would’ve been too busy if all the walls were like that,” Haack says.

    This stucco wall saves a lot of money.


    Rose quartz counters: Christina Haack’s ‘favorite’ new trend

    bathroom counter
    This counter was more traditional.


    While Whitney wants to stick to more subdued colors, she has a strange request: a pink counter.

    Haack loves the idea, and impresses her clients with a photo of a rose quartz countertop that has the pink hue Whitney wants.

    “It’s unique, but at the same time it’s still nice, neutral colors that you’re not going to get sick of,” Haack says.

    Once the rose quartz counter is installed, it’s clear that Haack may have started a new trend. While the more popular white counters can make a space look clean and open, this rose quartz counter makes the bathroom feel warm and inviting.

    “The countertop’s my absolute favorite,” Haack says. “It is a dream.”

    rose countertop
    The rose quartz countertop looks elegant.


    Incorporate crystals into your design

    pendant light
    These lights add boho style.


    With rose quartz counters, Haack wants to continue the theme by installing lights with crystals.

    “These crystals are going to give Whitney’s bathroom even more of that boho feel,” says Haack.

    The rosy color of the crystal matches the counter, while the gold matches the new drawer pulls. Best of all, these lights are unique.

    Use wood to make a boho feature wall

    bedroom wall
    This bedroom wall was boring and awkward.


    Jeff and Whitney’s master bathroom is a showstopper, but Haack wants to make the master bedroom also feel special. However, she’s bothered by a strange, uncentered cutout on one wall. She’s determined to make it a lovely feature, but doesn’t want to make it look predictable.

    “I want to do something on that wall that’s not just a basic shiplap,” Haack says. She decides on a decorative wood treatment with an earthy tone. She uses the space to house a TV, and adds a bench and floating shelf.

    While this cutout started as the strangest feature in this room, Haack is able to turn it into a lovely focal point that matches the boho vibe of the bathroom.

    bedroom wall
    Now, this bedroom wall is a feature piece.


    Thin wood planks may be a hot new trend, too

    Christina Haack
    Christina Haack shows her clients European oak (left) and white oak (right).


    Haack gives Whitney and Jeff two choices for wood flooring: wide-plank white oak and thin-plank European oak.

    Right away, the couple agree on the thin-plank, light-colored European oak, loving how fresh and different it looks.

    Haack explains that this style is fairly uncommon today.

    “It’s actually one of the first times I’ve used that thin of a plank with that color,” Haack says. “But I think it totally represents the style at your guys’ house, and it’s a beautiful color.”

    These floor looks fresh and elegant.


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