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Lessons From Listings Photos: This Renovated Mountain Home Is Our Idea of Vacation Bliss / Getty Images

Nestled on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, Incline Village, NV, features some of the priciest real estate in the country. It’s a beautiful place to live if you’re hungry for adventure and want to own a home where you can take in the gorgeous surroundings. Close to ski resorts, beaches, and hiking trails, the area is a paradise for people with an active lifestyle.

The idyllic location might be a big reason why this four-bedroom mountain home sold for more than triple what the original owners paid. Situated in the center of town, the condominium with great walkability was purchased for $410,000 in 2016. The owners renovated it, then listed it for $1,395,000 in April 2022. It was sold a month later for a whopping $1.5 million.

While the location is definitely part of this home’s appeal, modernizing its retro interiors also helped to attract buyers willing to pay a pretty penny.

Below, you can check out the home before and after renovations, along with insight from our experts who discuss the design changes and smart staging choices that helped to sell this piece of prime real estate.

The kitchen

The old kitchen’s dark wood and drab color palette make it look lifeless and claustrophobic. The renovation opens up the space, making it look bigger and full of personality.

In addition to opening up the kitchen to the living room, the previous owners added vertical space by raising the ceiling.

“We’ve all seen enough HGTV to know that most folks like open concept,” says Deb Tomaro, owner of Deb Tomaro Real Estate in Indiana. “No one likes to feel like they are stuck in the kitchen while others are relaxing in the living room. Bringing the two rooms together encourages sharing experience.”

Lauren Carroll, senior vice president of Residential Real Estate Solutions in Brookline, MA, points out that the new appliances are another notable addition to this bright and airy space.

The dining area

What once felt like a completely separate space, the dining room is now an extension of the kitchen.

“Carrying the same flooring throughout the entire main level creates an interrelationship between all the main spaces,” says Tomaro. “And no one likes carpet in a dining room.”

Hardwood flooring is also easier to keep clean, which is crucial in a dining area.

Additionally, keeping the unique octagonal window was an intelligent choice that helps add interest to the room and lets in plenty of light.

The living room

Tomaro points out that the renovation’s light colors and brightness make the home feel clean without veering toward clinical.

“I counsel all my sellers that even if you don’t have the funds to do renovations before selling, maximizing the natural light in the house and giving it a deep clean—like scrubbing-the-corners-with-a-toothbrush level of clean—is key,” Tomaro says.

You could be leaving money on the table if your home comes off as dark and too lived-in to sellers.

Keeping and sprucing up the gas fireplace and skylight also add value to the room, Carroll notes.

The bedroom

Simple touches and smart staging make the bedroom an appealing backdrop to the rest of the home. New wood floors, clean white walls, trendy shiplap, and classic furniture choices give buyers a taste of what awaits them in their new cozy bedroom.

“In general, we are finding that buyers are willing to pay top dollar if they don’t feel like they have to do anything cosmetic to the house,” says Tomaro.

And this space is no exception.

“Probably 95% of the time, if I show two houses to a buyer, one that has been updated and one that is priced lower but needs updates, they’ll go with the updated one,” she says. “It’s just less stress.”

The bathroom

A total makeover brings this outdated bathroom into the modern era. Gone are the ugly brown, splotchy tiles.

“White bathroom tiles and gray countertops are always desirable,” says Carroll.

Painting the door white also helps brighten the space and makes it look more like a spa. The overall result is a cleaner look with broad appeal.

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