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Love ‘Fixer Upper’? ‘Home Work’ May Be Even More Inspiring—Here’s Why

Magnolia Network

Chip and Joanna Gaines of “Fixer Upper” are famed for their epic home makeovers and large brood of five kids, but the hosts of a new show on their Magnolia Network have them beat on both fronts.

On “Home Work,” Candis and Andy Meredith renovate homes across Utah, including their own property—a 1907 schoolhouse. It’s a huge space, but then they have six boys and one girl. As you can imagine, chaos often ensues as they struggle to juggle work and family.

In the latest episode, “Old Schoolhouse Guest Suite,” Candis and Andy renovate a bedroom in their home that will be used as a guest suite. Plus, Candis takes on a job redoing a nursery for clients Ryan and Chelsea.

Here’s how they make both of these sleeping spaces feel cozy and stylish, with plenty of lessons you might be inspired to follow in your own sleeping quarters, or beyond.

Use fabric as wallpaper for a unique look

simple paneling
This simple paneling didn’t have enough personality.

Magnolia Network

When Candis first sees Ryan and Chelsea‘s nursery, she’s not impressed. The home is a new build so the room looks fresh, but it lacks personality. She suggests replacing the board and batten paneling with something that will stand out a little more.

“It might seem a little crazy that we’re kind of demoing brand-new board and batten in a brand-new house,” Candis says. “But, every single bedroom in this whole house is identical. I just want to infuse some personality into the nursery.”

She puts in much larger paneling, paints the whole room a soft, tannish pink, and adds fabric to the panels.

bedroom paneling
This paneling is a beautiful addition to the nursery.

Magnolia Network

As Candis measures the fabric and carefully staples it to the wall, she explains that it’s actually a duvet cover. Since it’s patterned on both sides, you get much better value than buying fabric by the yard.

The fabric acts as a unique, textured wallpaper, adding softness and personality.

“I love it,” Candis says when this feature wall is done. “It adds so much detail to the room.”

Add a classic ceiling medallion to a modern light

ceiling light
This modern light fixture looks great with a classic ceiling medallion.

Magnolia Network

Candis knows lights can bring bling to any space, so she decides to install a modern chandelier, plus a ceiling medallion to finish the look—but matching its color to the ceiling can be tricky.

“I love ceiling medallions so much, but I don’t love painting them with a brush because it’s really hard to get all of the details,” she says. “And it starts to get a little bit messy.”

Her fix? She orders the same ceiling paint color in a small spray bottle to make painting the medallion’s nooks and crannies easier.

“You can get this done at your local paint store. It costs about $20, and it’s the exact color as the ceiling and the walls,” Candis says.

Use new picture frames in an old-fashioned way

picture frame
Candis Meredith makes average picture frames look like antiques.

Magnolia Network

To finish this nursery, Candis thoughtfully hangs up baby pictures of both Ryan and Chelsea. However, she doesn’t just hang up these photos with a hammer and nail.

“I will take new, modern frames, but then I’ll add a chain and hang it from the top of the molding here,” Candis says. “And it looks like you have a picture hanging rail, and it looks like these are antique frames.”

It’s a great tip for easily adding an extra touch of character to a room.

“This looks very new and old, which is my favorite,” Candis says.

While family photos are always a welcome addition, these now fit the theme of the room.

Magnolia Network

Can’t find the right paint color? Mix your own

With a new color, this beadboard looks great.

Magnolia Network

Back home, Candis and Andy find old pieces of tongue-and-groove beadboard in the ceiling. These boards, they realize, were part of the historical 1884 schoolhouse that was torn down when this 1907 schoolhouse was built in its place. Candis and Andy want to use these old boards in the bedroom, painting them the same blue/gray/green color as the original 1800s schoolhouse.

Of course, hardware stores don’t sell this exact paint color anymore, so Candis decides to try mixing the shade herself.

“The reason this has such great coloring is because it’s milk paint, first of all, and then dirt, and patina,” Candis explains. “So you can’t get the patina of time, apparently, with paint colors.”

“That doesn’t come in a can?” Andy jokes.

They end up concocting a color that is close enough—the painted beadboard gives a nod to this home’s history and looks elegant to boot.

Use antique furniture as a bathroom vanity


This guest room includes an en suite bathroom, so Andy creates a bathroom with the same old-fashioned charm by including an old table under the sink.

“One of our favorite ways to add character into a bathroom is by using antique furniture as a vanity,” Andy explains. “It’s just a little table that we paid maybe $30, $40 for. And normally we would not advocate drilling holes in antique pieces of furniture, but we’ve decided this is a way to kind of give new life and purpose to an antique.”

He adds a traditional vessel sink on top, creating a lovely vanity that helps emphasize this bathroom’s classic look.

This classic vanity works great in this schoolhouse-inspired bathroom.

Magnolia Network

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