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Nail Your Listing Presentations by Making Them More “Meme”orable

Landing yourself a listing appointment is hard enough, but then you still have to nail your presentation in order to walk out of it with a signed listing agreement in hand. It’s not an opportunity you want to squander.

Unless you’re a seasoned veteran or have a super polished presentation, it’s super common to worry about how it’ll go…

  • Will I forget to go over something important?
  • What if they interrupt me with questions and I get sidetracked and I can’t get the presentation back on track?
  • Does my presentation set me apart from the competition?
  • Does my competition have a better presentation? Is it more flashy or techy?

The good news is, you’re not the only agent who worries about these things! Many agents don’t have a set listing presentation, or at least one they love or “own” and can present confidently. At best, they’re just using some cookie-cutter, boring presentation from their company.

The better news is that you can easily take your existing presentation and make it way more memorable! All you have to do is sprinkle in some funny memes that also make a point you want sellers to remember or agree with.

Let’s look at some examples…

Here’s one you could use as an icebreaker at the beginning. Take the pressure off by joking about performing under pressure! (Your call whether you actually break out singing some Bowie in front of them!)

Insert this one into your presentation where you talk about prepping their house for photos. This will give you the chance to talk about presenting the house in the best, but most honest light in your photos. You can filter and photoshop all you want, but at the end of the day, you don’t want buyers feeling let down the minute they pull up to the house.

This one has a couple of angles! Use it to bring up the importance of keeping their house tidy for showings, but also how it’s easy to get discouraged when there aren’t a lot of showings. They’ll remember this one a month or two into the listing when they’re upset there hasn’t been any showings and you suggest leaving a pair of underwear on the floor. The value of humor can extend beyond the listing presentation and help you deal with their concerns (and complaints) throughout the listing period.

Here’s one to drive home the importance of disclosing any problems with their house…

If a homeowner doesn’t bring up how much a neighbor is asking for their home, is it even a listing appointment?! This is a witty way to defuse and handle that age-old issue…

Or, you can throw in a quote from a famous real estate guru to hammer home the importance of pricing…

If it’s not the neighbors’ asking price, then it’s their Zestimate (or both) that’ll come up! Here’s one to make light of how much emphasis agents put on Zestimates.

Throw in a fun fact to show them you’re a student of your craft and think about the finer details, even down to the words you’ll use in their listing description…

…or to gently explain why you won’t be spending money on print ads when they insist on a full page ad in the New York Times.

When (inevitably) they ask you to reduce your commission, hit ‘em with this pan…of spinach.

Of course they’ll want to see some testimonials! Whether you have some legitimate rave reviews to show them as well or not, throwing this one in will address their request and give them a laugh.

And then close on them with this one as you hand them a pen to sign on the dotted line!

Hopefully those get your creative juices flowing and on your way to crafting a listing presentation you’ll look forward to using! If you want access to even more memes you can use in your presentation, and a whole lot of other types of content to help you land listing appointments, then click here and consider joining our Inner Circle.

Using memes in your presentation will break up the boredom of a typical presentation and give you moments to truly connect with the homeowners. Ultimately, people like to laugh, and they like doing business with people they like. Sure, another agent you’re up against may have a better resume, more sales, or a killer listing presentation of their own. But, will they connect with clients as much as you do with a presentation like this?! That’s the question other agents should be asking themselves…

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