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    • New Year, New Bathroom: 5 Fun Trends on Instagram That Will Make It Your New Favorite Room

    New Year, New Bathroom: 5 Fun Trends on Instagram That Will Make It Your New Favorite Room


    Bathroom trends go round and round—kind of like water circling the drain—but this week’s bright and light decor ideas will have you thinking they should stick around for a while. As we head into 2020, there’s a ton of fresh inspiration for new bathroom looks surfacing on social media.

    As we do every week, we dug deep into trending decor ideas on Instagram, scouring hundreds (if not more) top design posts. So what did we find? Five fun trends that might just make your bathroom the new favorite room. Keep scrolling to find out what they are—and as always, how you can steal the look.

    1. Peachy-keen tile

    There’s something to be said for the recent comeback of pastels into just about every room of the house—and the bathroom is no exception. Don’t believe us? Just check out this gorgeous peachy-pink tile in the home of @lunaslittlehouse, reposted by @real_homes.

    “Peachy pink tiles have been on people’s radar for the past few years,” says Jim Kabel, president of Case Design/Remodeling San Jose. “Many modern bathroom designs have incorporated a splash of this vintage color by pairing it with other light-colored tiles and dark-colored grout. Adding this design element will offer your bathroom a clean-lined, luxurious appeal.”

    Get the look: Add some peachy tile to your bathroom by shopping the stunning geometric Sol Pink Tile from Riad Tile.

    2. Evergreen hanging garden

    Long after the Christmas tree is taken down, your bathroom will stay evergreen with a hanging garden like this one featured by @jaxandgin.

    “These are a terrific idea for any homeowner looking to infuse the lush greenery from outside in their bathroom design,” says Kabel. “Hanging garden designs can be tailored to suit any space or style, no matter your level of skill or plant budget.”

    Get the look: Pick up an old ladder from your local antiques shop, and get to work lining the rungs with your favorite plants.

    3. Vibrant curtains

    Spice up your bathroom decor by adding some fun and vibrant curtains like these tropical ones featured by @threeboysandapinkbath (reposted by @real_homes).

    “Curtains are the perfect solution for updating your decor,” says Colin Haentjens, a New York–based architect and designer. “Curtains are an inexpensive DIY method for adopting new colors and patterns. You can find curtains that blend in with existing colors, find a complementary color to stand out from the surrounding paint or tile, or treat the curtain as a centerpiece of visuals on a white background.”

    Get the look: Add tropical window treatments to your bathroom by shopping this palm leaves Roman shade from Etsy.

    4. His-and-her shower

    We’ve all heard of his-and-her sinks, but what about shower heads? That’s right! With this trending design from @michelledirkse (reposted by @tatertotsandjello), you and your No. 1 might be more willing to share a shower now and again— especially since you won’t need to fight over the hot water.

    “Having dual showers makes getting ready easier for couples who are in the bathroom at the same time every day,” says Kabel. “However, before you start picking shower heads and tiles, it’s important to ask questions such as if you have enough space in your bathroom for his-and-her showers, or if other home equipment like the water heaters need to be upgraded to accommodate two people.”

    Get the look: Once you get those details hammered out, head over to Home Depot and shop its wide selection of shower heads. Can’t agree on one kind? Get two!

    5. All-in-one mirror shelf

    View this post on Instagram

    Favorite place in the whole wide world. ♡ Paris, not the bathroom. . . You guys should check out @mapiful to customize a print of YOUR favorite place in the whole wide world! Use code MAPIHOME10 for 10% off! #liketkit #LTKhome . . . #thatroomisEVERYTHING #apartmenttherapy #inspiremeneutral #sodomino #walltowallstyle #howihaven #mySMPhome #peepmypad #howwedwell #lightandbright #bohovibes #finditstyleit #mylagomhome #homesohard #makingmyhaven #ispyraddesign #scandiinspo #simplystyleyourspace #makingmyhaven #inmydomaine #homesweethome #makehomeyours #myhomevibe #currenthomeview #homesohard #mixerofstyles #mymidcenturymix #bathroomvibes

    A post shared by Jaime Carney || Boston (@homedesignbyjaime) on

    Storage that’s both stylish and functional? Can we get a heck yeah? This bathroom from @homedesignbyjaime makes us want to swap out our boring bathroom mirrors ASAP.

    “All-in-one mirror shelves provide the advantages of quickly finding your daily grooming needs without searching cabinets and drawers, and prevents the need to cut open a wall to hide shelving,” says Haentjens.

    Get the look: Shop for the perfect all-in-one mirror for your bathroom with this collection of mirror shelves from AllModern.

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