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No, It’s Not Insane: Why Your Home Needs an Indoor Slide

Photo via Houzz by Joyce Elizabeth

Gone are the days when slides were just for kids or the outdoors, for that matter. The latest design trend is indoor slides. Sure, some might see this decor element as a slippery slope to downright crazy. But after speaking to several designers and scouting out some of the best slide-friendly homes, we’ve come to one conclusion: Installing an interior slide isn’t insane.

In fact, it’s kind of awesome. So, are you interested in adding an amusing and unique way to get from one floor to another in a hurry?

Then here’s what you need to know about putting a slide in your home—plus seven of our favorite interior slides to inspire your build.

Laundry slide

That’s right, folks, slides can be a practical addition to your home, and the laundry slide in this Austin, TX, home is proof of just that. (Just put those dirty towels on the slide and push.)

“This laundry slide would work well in a home with contemporary aesthetics,” says designer Lily Wili, of Everwallpaper.

According to Wili, there are four main types of slides people can install in their homes:

  1. Open slides (as seen above)
  2. Closed plastic tube slides (for one person)
  3. Double-barrel tube slides (for two people)
  4. Family slides (for three-plus people)

Since most people have limited space in their homes, open slides that serve multiple functions—and add a bit of design oomph—tend to be a popular choice.

Spiral slide

Why take the stairs to the dinner table when you can take the express slide? This open slide combines the best of modern design and first-class fun in this Denver kitchen.

“There are many reasons why the spiral slide works as an interior design element,” says Kate Diaz of Swanky Den. “First, they’re made of commercial-grade vinyl, making them easy to clean. Second, this is the best kind of slide for small spaces because it doesn’t need a lot of room for installation.”

So while some slides might sacrifice the room needed for stairs, the space-savvy spiral slide lets you have the best of both worlds.

Loft wood slide

If one of the bedrooms in your home has a loft, you might want to add one of these slides ASAP. The reason? Slides aren’t just for fun. They’re also a heck of a lot easier to get down than that rickety ladder you currently have.

“If you love modern wooden designs, this loft wood slide is the one furniture piece you need to add to your living space,” says Wili. “It would work well for parents looking to remodel their kid’s bedroom with a contemporary touch.”

We’d also argue that your kid’s friends would love to shoot down this slide during a play date.

Living room slide

This industrial-style slide makes for the perfect addition to the modern living room.

“Living room slides are the epitome of color-matching and aesthetically pleasing vibes,” says Wili. “If you have white walls in your living room, a shiny metallic slide like this one ensures a beautiful look for your interior.”

But before you grab a hammer and start making space for your dream slide, hear this: The best way to install a slide (and have it looking good) most likely shouldn’t involve any DIY effort. Instead, you’ll want to work with a designer for the best results, advises Wili. The project will cost anywhere from $1,500 to $20,000, depending on materials.

Slide by slide

Want a slide but don’t want to lose your stairs? Then you might want to consider a slide-by-slide design found in this Orlando, FL, home.

“The slide by slide is great for those looking for something where regulations or more conservative design make it impossible to install more extensive slide equipment,” says Diaz.

A slide by slide is also a great way to enhance the aesthetic of a beautiful staircase.

“If you’re the proud owner of a Mediterranean-designed house, then this curved metallic slide is the perfect addition to your railing staircase,” adds Wili. “The design is trending.”

Eclectic cottage slide

Did someone say basement remodel? Whether you use your basement for storage or extra sleep space, adding an eclectic slide such as this one can really up the ante on your refinished design.

“If you have a basement in your home, the eclectic cottage slide offers a fun transition over regular stairs,” says Wili. “The metallic surface adds a visually pleasing aesthetic for everyone who comes across the design.”

Play corner

This tube slide is a big hit for playful homes looking for a little extra something.

“Kids rooms with dark wood floors are the best possible locations for this vibrant slide,” says Wili. “The bright color and dynamic design are perfect for an otherwise dark wooded playroom. People looking for a unique investment in home improvement and children’s playtime should consider a slide.”

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