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    On the Market for a Decade, Atlanta’s ‘Zombieland’ Mansion Still Searching for a Buyer

    A mansion that played a role in the cult classic “Zombieland” is now priced to sell. Built in 2008, the 33,000-square-foot megamansion in Atlanta is available for $10.9 million.

    Listed for as high as $22.5 million in 2010, the estate has bounced on and off the market for over a decade.

    Listing agent Barry Milam believes the latest price, arrived upon in mid-January, is now right.

    “It’s market value now,” he explains. “I’m now showing the house very often. I think we are at the right price for this house.”

    One of his biggest hurdles? A small pool of luxury home buyers in the Atlanta metro.

    “If this house was in L.A. or Miami, I’m sure it would have pulled that original listing amount,” he adds. “However, in Atlanta we have fewer clients that can pay that type of money, and this house is very unique.”







    Built in a Mediterranean style, the exterior of the house appears traditional, but the interior is a different story altogether.

    “The home has elaborate molding and colors, and there’s approximately $2 million of gold gilding. It’s not for the conservative at heart,” Milam says.





    There are nine bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and six half-bathrooms, all with elaborate ceilings and other rococo touches.

    “I’m just really impressed with the design of the floor plan. Upstairs you have four bedrooms, and then in the middle you have an entertainment room for the children or whomever you’re having,” Milam explains.

    It’s also a prime spot for entertaining as well as a candidate for a multigenerational retreat.

    “If you’re having guests, there’s a pool house where there are two full bedrooms and two full baths, with an entertainment area between those,” he says.

    “It’s designed so you could have people here if you had a large family or in-laws or parents,” he continues. “There’s plenty of room to facilitate that without interfering with the rest of the family.”

    Outdoor kitchen

    Indoor kitchen

    Another indoor kitchen

    The original owner loved entertaining and wanted to create a convivial environment for his guests. As a result, there are seven kitchens throughout the house.

    “Any time you go into the house, you don’t have to walk very far until you run into [a kitchen],” Milam says with a laugh. “Pretty much wherever you are, there’s an aspect of entertainment involved wherein you can easily sit down with people and you can enjoy conversation.”

    Pool and spa

    Outdoor dining space

    Outdoor kitchen

    Outside around the pool, you’ll find barbecue grills, a hibachi grill, pizza oven, ice makers, and wine coolers.

    “It’s just a great place to live as far as whether you’re entertaining friends or you’re just having the family,” Milam says, adding that he has spent lots of time in the house.

    Wine cellar


    Because of its size and style, the home has appeared in many movies and TV shows.

    “Don’t Be Tardy’s” Kim Zolciak spent time in the house when she was on “Real Housewives of Atlanta”—it was her boyfriend Big Poppa’s house. The home also appeared on “MTV Cribs” and in 2012’s “The Three Stooges.”

    In “Zombieland” Bill Murray‘s character lived in the house, and the home’s theater played a crucial role in the film.

    “Bill Murray is killed in the movie in the theater room, and you’re sitting in the theater and watching the movie right in the seats right where he was, which is kind of cool,” Milam says.

    Game room

    The new owner can also relax on those very same seats—all of the furniture is included in the sale, and it isn’t just chairs, tables, and beds.

    Basketball court

    Steam room

    Massage room


    The house is equipped with a full gym, cigar room, wine cellar, hair and nail salon, massage room, steam room, recording studio, arcade room, and more.

    Privacy is a key feature of the pool area, which Milam says is difficult to find in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, where the house is located.

    “We’re just right across the street from the governor’s mansion, and it’s hard to find a pool that is actually private where no one can see you,” he says.


    Outdoor space


    The architecture is high quality and elaborate, which Milam says might not appeal to everyone.

    “The perfect buyer will be someone who can actually see this and will want to maintain it and will want to stay here for many years,” he says. “I know this is not something that I think anybody would want to just live in for a few years and flip it by any means.”


    Outdoor space




    Outdoor space

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