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    Home Insurance: Are these Winter Disasters Covered?

    By Amy Smits | October 18, 2013

    There are a number of winter related problems, and you have a decent list of many common issues. I would like to add the biggest issue we see in the mountains of Colorado; pipes bursting. Most of the homeowners in our area are secondary. Those that turn their heat down and do not have someone checking on... Read More

    How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Contractors

    By Amy Smits | October 16, 2013

    Navigating your way through the world of independent contractors can be a tricky one, but with a little research and the right amount of common sense, you can make the process far less stressful than it has to be. Here’s a list of tips to get you on the right track: Never, ever, pay the... Read More

    91500 Ryan Gulch Rd., #503, Silverthorne, CO 80498

    By Amy Smits | September 27, 2013

    Enjoy the peaceful scenery of Colorado in a condominium built for two. 91500 Ryan Gulch Rd #503 at Timber Ridge in Silverthorne is 610 square feet of cozy comfort. See Full Listing It is perfect for a couple who do not need much space or a single individual seeking a compact and private residence. Enjoy... Read More

    ‘Coats for Kids’ kicks off with Century 21 Gold Realty donation

    By Amy Smits | September 25, 2013

    Recently, the Smits Team/Century 21 Gold Realty jump started the “Coats for Kids” campaign with a sizable donation at the behest of one of our clients. The Knights of Columbus, who is sponsoring the campaign, asks that any and all donations that are in lieu of money be new coats to help children in need.... Read More

    The Art of the Short Sale: A How To

    By Amy Smits | September 6, 2013

    Real estate buyers looking for a short sale will find that when they are prepared to make an offer on a home or commercial property, that it is important to review the details to the deal. Short sales are an option when a seller is on the verge of foreclosure. When a property is already... Read More

    Life After Foreclosure: How to Pick Up the Pieces

    By Amy Smits | September 6, 2013

    The bank has foreclosed on your home and you’ve moved out. Now, where do you go from here? Before you move forward you have to understand a few things first. When the bank forecloses on a home there’s a lag time between the foreclosure process and the actual transfer of ownership. During this time you... Read More

    The Truth About Seller-Required Inspections

    By Amy Smits | August 31, 2013

    The rules requiring seller-required inspections vary depending on where a property is listed for sale. Every state has their own set of rules and regulations. For instance, in some states, a pest and termite inspection is required and the seller is required by law to list any detection to buyers. Other states require a lead... Read More

    Save Time and Money by Using Mobile Apps for the Home Buyer

    By Amy Smits | August 30, 2013

    Today, there are smartphone and tablet apps that allow you to take your research with you and look up information while you view properties. This is not only a time-saver but allows you to receive near-real-time data while you are looking at real estate. Mortgage Calculator  There are several good mortgage calculator apps available for... Read More

    Knowing Common Real Estate Laws Before Buying a Home

    By Amy Smits | August 28, 2013

    A buyer who has knowledge of the real estate laws and real estate jargon of their state is aware of its importance; but not as critical as your Realtor or agent knowing those laws; especially the value of errors and omissions, and how it applies to the paperwork. Buying or selling a home, in some... Read More

    Snowboarding 101: A Primer

    By Amy Smits | August 23, 2013

    Winter for many is a cold, dreary period that must be endured in order to enjoy the months of summer. But then for others it is a time of excitement and adventure. This is especially true for the residents and visitors to the popular area of Summit County, Colorado. Summit County is home to five... Read More

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