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    Poker Pro Phil Hellmuth Attempts To Sell Vegas House on Twitter, Gets Roasted, Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

    Never content with slow-playing his hand, poker legend Phil Hellmuth put his home in Las Vegas up for sale.

    However, the 15-time World Series of Poker winner attempted to cash out in an unorthodox manner. Hellmuth posted a link to the property on Twitter, asking his 283,000-plus followers if they wanted dibs on it.

    What followed was brutal.

    Here’s his original tweet, previewing the home with a $430,000 price tag and the hashtag #POSITIVITY.

    Railbirds got a glimpse at the hand Hellmuth was playing and raised the stakes with a series of replies.

    First, his followers criticized the house itself. Next, they wondered why the home was priced higher than online estimates. Finally, an intrepid investigator alleged the home might be in foreclosure.

    Karina Jett, who also comes from the poker world, is Hellmuth’s friend and the agent representing the home. She says she had no idea he was planning the Twitter announcement and tagging her in the process, but she wasn’t surprised.

    “That’s very much his personality,” says Jett, who wasn’t prepared to deal with the trolls.

    To set the record straight, the home isn’t in foreclosure. She explains there’s an ongoing HOA dispute over the placement of pool equipment, which caused the home to be labeled incorrectly.

    The list price is also fair, says Jett, who plans to challenge online estimates of the home’s value, which don’t take recent sales in the neighborhood into account. The home was on the market for a bit last fall with an asking price of $375,000.

    “It’s funny because everyone is always so anti-bullying, but, boy, they go on Twitter and it’s a different story,” Jett says. “I’ve never had to deal with cybertrolls before. I guess people just like to troll celebrities.”

    The house, built in 1974, is a rare find near the Strip in a historic part of Vegas, she says. It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and over 1,600 square feet of living space.

    The home is part of the Las Vegas Country Club community, which has a reported initiation fee of $2,500.

    Exterior Phil Hellmuth house in Las Vegas

    Stairs Phil Hellmuth House Las Vegas

    Kitchen Phil Hellmuth house Las Vegas

    Upstairs landing
    Second-level bedrooms

    Back patio Phil Hellmuth house in Las Vegas
    Back patio

    Die-hard poker fans might also recognize the house as the backdrop of a classic Hellmuth promotional video explaining his process for winning. The clip is making the rounds once again, thanks to the home sale.

    So whether you’re in search of classic Vegas vibes or just a vacation home close to the action on the Strip, Hellmuth’s home might fit the bill. Who knows? The poker champ might even be willing to throw in a couple of pointers to sweeten the pot.

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