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    ‘Queer Eye’ Bobby Berk’s Best DIY Ideas for Your Home This Summer

    Tommaso Boddi / Stringer / Getty Images

    Netflix’s “Queer Eye,” now in its fifth season, has the Fab Five busier than ever helping people make a fresh start. Part of these transformations, of course, involve renovating and redecorating their clients’ homes—courtesy of interior designer Bobby Berk.

    In each episode, Berk turns disorganized, outdated spaces (primarily in Philadelphia) into chic show-stoppers where people are proud to live. What’s more, his upgrades are tend to be fairly easy to do and affordable, providing plenty of decor ideas for us all.

    Need some fabulous inspiration for your next home improvement project? Read on to find out some of Berk’s best home decor moves from Season 5, which could amp up your own abode this summer.

    Pass-through shelves can help separate a large space

    queer eye
    Before: This room is large, but it didn’t seem livable.


    In Season 5’s season premiere, “Preaching Out Loud,” the Fab Five help Pastor Noah fix up his temporary living space within the church where he works.

    While his space is simply a storage area when the team first sees the place, Berk is able to transform this church’s spare room into Noah’s personal sanctuary.

    queer eye
    After: This bookshelf helps the space feel more homey.


    One particularly great organization feature Berk brings into play is a large bookshelf that separates Noah’s desk from his sleeping area.

    The ample storage will help Noah keep his room tidy, and in addition, the shelf has pass-through holes that help keep the space feeling open, while still providing Noah with the illusion of a separate office.

    This shelf is a great way to add a sense of separation to any large room, while also preventing it from feeling closed off. It could work to carve out work and sleep areas, kitchen, and dining areas, and so much more—a stylish way to keep things organized but still open.

    A home office shouldn’t look like a dorm room

    Before: This home office didn’t look like an office.


    In the episode “DJ’s on Repeat,” Berk and the rest of the crew help Ryan make his home feel a little more grown-up.

    Ryan splits his time working as a property manager by day, and a DJ by night. He’s stuck between the youthful party life he’s always loved and the professional future he’s hoping for. And, as Berk learns, Ryan’s home also seems to be stuck between these two worlds.

    While Ryan does have a dedicated office space, the room is disorganized and cluttered. It doesn’t even look like an office space, except that it has a small desk in the corner.

    After: With new furniture, this office looks much more professional.


    Berk revamps the area by cleaning up the room, repainting the walls a relaxed blue, and making the room’s centerpiece a large desk. The new layout and furniture makes the space feel more like a professional setting, making it the perfect place for Ryan to focus on his work.

    Pay attention to outdoor areas, too

    front yard
    Before: This front yard was comfy, but wasn’t exactly stylish.


    In “Silver Lining Sweeney,” Jennifer steals the Fab Five’s hearts with her story of resilience. This supermom is dedicated to taking care of her three daughters and her husband, who has Lou Gehrig’s disease.

    She tells the team that her front yard is important to her because she and her husband can no longer go out to bars, due to his declining health, so the couple often socialize with friends in this outdoor space.

    front yard
    After: Just a few small upgrades transforms this space.


    At first, the space is plain and looks a little unloved. So, Berk freshens it up with some simple cosmetic changes.

    He replaces the shabby table and chairs with some new furniture, paints the black porch stair railing white, upgrades the house with a new front door, and even adds homey features like an outdoor rug and a planter box.

    Bobby Berk
    Jennifer loves her new outdoor space!


    These upgrades may not take a lot of time or effort, but they make a big difference to the home. It looks as if Jennifer and her husband now have an even more fabulous place to invite friends over!

    Paint and wallpaper go a long way

    living room
    This green accent wall makes the living room stand out.


    In the episode “Paging Dr. Yi,” the crew meets Lilly, who’s pulling double duty as both a pediatric doctor and a mom. To top it all off, she and her family have just moved.

    However, with her busy schedule, Lilly hasn’t been able to settle into her new home. This is hard because, growing up, she admits she was never allowed to decorate the walls of her room, so she always felt halfway moved in.

    So, Berk goes all out when it comes to the wall decor. He gives Lilly’s new living room a stunning green accent wall, does a wood treatment on one of her bedroom walls, and even gives her daughter’s room a beautiful wallpaper accent.

    This bedroom looks perfect with stylish wallpaper.


    These design choices are perfect for this home, because the feature walls make each room feel unique and special. Simply with some wallpaper and a simple coat of paint, Berk proves that a new house can quickly feel like home.

    Hide clutter behind cupboards

    Before: This kitchen was cramped and cluttered.


    When the Fab Five meet Nate on the episode “Body Rock or Bust,” Berk knows right away that he has a lot of work to do.

    Nate owns a gym and lives in a back room. While this might make his commute easy, the living space is small, so the area feels cluttered.

    So Berk gives Nate’s apartment a whole new look, transforming the messy kitchen into a stylish cooking space.

    While the kitchen seemed tiny before, the new cabinetry makes the same space feel sleek.

    After: With some new cabinets, this kitchen looks incredible.


    The secret? Berk explains that a small space like this calls for a trick of the eye: vertical lines to bring the eye up.

    He shows that this can be accomplished by hiding drawers behind cabinets.

    The drawers keep things organized within, but out of sight, behind the tall cabinet doors. This ultimately makes the space feel much less cluttered.

    Bobby Berk
    Bobby Berk shows off some stylish new drawers behind cabinets.


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