Removing Clutter to Sell Your Home Quicker

    When someone decides to sell their home it comes with the realization other people will now be looking at their daily living space. It’s no longer simply a place to live but something that needs to appeal to potential buyers. A home’s accumulated clutter should to be removed to help the process of selling the home.

    Buyers Must Imagine Living in the Home

    One of the best reasons to remove clutter is so a buyer can imagine themselves living in the home. Clutter is very personal. They may not see the clutter in their own house but will notice yours. If necessary, rent a storage space to store all the items you want to deal with later. Make an effort to especially clear out areas of the home that are attractive. Once these spaces are clean, the potential buyer will think about what they can do with the space.

    Reduce Furniture

    It’s important to keep your most essential furniture. This will make the rooms look bigger. You want the buyer thinking about putting their furniture in the home.

    Remove Personal Photos

    This is important. If personal photos are everywhere, a potential buyer may feel as if the home will always be the current owners. The buyer needs to see places where they could put their own family photos when looking at a house.

    Remove Unnecessary Items

    Remove things such as magazines, opened mail, books, medicines, empty glasses and more from such places as your night stand, coffee table or anywhere they accumulate. It’s important the buyer be able to see clear spaces. You want them to have a sense of seeing their future house and not the owner’s home.

    Clear the Kitchen

    When trying to sell your home it’s important to have the essential items you use in the kitchen such as a toaster. Remove the mixer, deep fryer and more. Focus more on having attractive kitchen decorations that are noticeable. This is also a time to remove all items that are attached to your refrigerator with a magnet. This even includes such items as your children’s artwork, coupons, souvenir magnets from vacations and more.

    Clean the Bathroom

    There are many home buyers who focus on the bathrooms in a house. Some people have gone as far as to take their bathroom items such as razors, toothbrushes, shampoos out of the bathroom and only take them back to the bathroom to use. It’s important when a home is being shown that the bathroom have nice towels, unused soaps and be very clean.

    Organize Closets

    Many buyers will take a look into the closets of a home. To many home buyers closet space is a big selling point. It’s important to have closets organized and empty if possible. This will enable the potential buyer to imagine how much of their stuff they could put in the closet.


    It’s important for a seller to realize that providing a home with an uncluttered appearance can be a huge benefit. Removing the clutter, organizing the furniture and more can provide a pay off when buyers offers the seller’s asking price for a house.

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