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    Shoot for the Stars! 10 Celestial Decor Ideas for Your Home

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    Think stars should grace only red carpets and the skies above? On the contrary, stars can be a classic staple in home decor—and not just in kids rooms. Check out the Sistine Chapel or New York’s Grand Central Station: Both have famous star- and Zodiac-themed ceilings.

    “Star decor is versatile and almost classic in design, bridging many decor styles, from country to elegant—and even eclectic looks,” says Karen Gray-Plaisted of Design Solutions KGP.

    Celestial designs are easy to incorporate at home, including in bedrooms, half-bathrooms, the dining room, and even outdoors. The impact can be transporting.

    “Stars are calming, they inspire creativity, and they remind me that I’m connected to something larger in the universe,” says Julie Coraccio, an expert on decor and organization.

    So if you’re looking for some decor that can remind you of the universe at large, check out these stellar decor ideas to try at home.

    1. Starry wallpaper

    Peel-and-stick wallpaper is an easy home upgrade.

    The Home Depot

    Many manufacturers include star patterns in their wallpaper designs, so you can easily create a peaceful, out-of-this-world feeling with just a roll or two ($35, Home Depot).

    Gray-Plaisted votes for this type of design in a dining room’s tray ceiling.

    2. Celestial rug

    This synthetic and wool blend offers an arty take on the constellations.


    Design stars (and husband and wife) Bob and Courtney Novogratz partnered with the rug manufacturing company Momeni to produce stunning carpets at reasonable prices (from $56, Overstock).

    Coraccio envisions this one in a sunroom, kitchen, or kids bedroom.

    3. Moon and star decals

    Surround the moon sticker with the stars for a fanciful wall design.


    This cute sticker set is a twofer in a kid’s room. It works both as a design element and a subtle night light when it’s time to tuck in ($12, Amazon).

    Want to go DIY? Gray-Plaisted decorated her son’s room with clouds on the ceiling and then stenciled stars around them.

    “He also had bedding with the phases of the moon, and a duvet in a beautiful, matching blue-and-white linen,” she recalls.

    4. Star spinner

    Bedeck your deck planter with this silver and gold spinner.


    Take your stars outside with this pretty celestial spinner for your walkway or garden ($80, Wayfair).

    “You can bring a bit of your decor aesthetic outside to set the tone for how you decorate on the inside,” suggests Jamie Novak, an organizing pro and author of “Keep This Toss That.”

    5. Moravian star

    Behold the bronze details and sepia-toned window panes of this gorgeous light!

    Pottery Barn

    Hailing from Germany and associated with Advent and Christmas, this multipoint star light fixture is a stunner in the home ($159, Pottery Barn).

    Give this lantern lots of clearance so it can shine in your front stoop entryway, inside the foyer, or in the center of a staircase.

    6. Silver starburst

    Choose from three sizes and both warm and cool LED lights.

    Pottery Barn

    You don’t have to stick to the traditional shape or any particular color when it comes to star and celestial designs. Take this pick, for example, with its squiggly silver arms (from $34, Pottery Barn).

    “Try this ‘star’ light as a gorgeous statement piece, especially when hung in a group,” notes Gray-Plaisted.

    7. Barn star

    The distressed finish on this bronze-tone star gives it patina.


    Americana barn stars are a symbol of good luck, similar to the horseshoe, notes Gray-Plaisted.

    You’ll also be channeling your inner Chip and Joanna Gaines with this oversize detail ($35, Walmart). Use it both inside and out, although over the mantel is a classy move.

    8. Gold star sheets

    Gold star sheets = best night’s sleep ever

    Bed, Bath & Beyond

    Subtly patterned, soft microfiber bedding is more interesting than plain white sheets ($70, Bed, Bath & Beyond).

    9. Star pillow

    Punch up your color scheme with a star-themed throw pillow.


    Red is versatile enough to work in the fall, over Christmas—and with this fireworks print, you could bring it out in July to celebrate the United States ($43, Target).

    10. Dessert bowls

    Serve ice cream in these cute bowls, or fill them with olives and scatter at a party.

    Bed, Bath & Beyond

    Just think how cute these dessert bowls would look at your Memorial Day or July Fourth barbecue. Well-priced for a set of six and safe in the dishwasher, this pick is a solid winner ($25, Bed, Bath & Beyond).

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