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    Should Celebs Stay in Their Lanes When It Comes to Home and Gardening Advice?

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    It’s no surprise that gardening skyrocketed into the hearts—and onto the social media pages—of many Americans during the pandemic. It’s one of the fastest-growing hobbies, but it’s also nothing new. Master gardeners have been honing their craft for years. And yet in the past year, we’ve seen more and more celebrities showing an interest in (and sometimes even a mild fascination with) gardening and other home projects, and then parlaying that into business ventures.

    A recent article in the New York Times highlighted Drew Barrymore’s gig with a new lawn-care subscription service. Bear in mind that until last spring, when she planted her first lawn, the actress, businesswoman, and TV host doubted her ability to garden.

    “I did not think I could do this,” Barrymore told the New York Times.

    So, our question is: Do celebrities really deserve to be seen as the face (or, in the case of Barrymore, the co-chief creative officer) of a home and/or gardening company, if they don’t have as much experience as, say, a seasoned expert with a lower profile and smaller platform? Why are we so quick to take advice from celebrities—even consider them “guides” or “gurus”—when they’ve barely proven their hand at skills like gardening, furniture making, or beekeeping? How does merely showing an interest in a popular hobby qualify anyone to form an empire around it? On this week’s episode of “House Party,” we get into the reasons why this seems a little backward.

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