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    Spanks for the Memories: 2019’s 10 Most Popular Homes

    As we wrap up another fascinating year in real estate, we like to look back on the homes that made you click the most in 2019. We counted all of your clicks to come up with the 10 most popular homes of the year on®.

    The resulting list ran the gamut. There was the salacious (the sedate suburban home harboring a BDSM dungeon), the hilarious (the lonely chair of NHL star Phil Kessel in the middle of his home theater), and the mind-blowing (a bunker sunk 26 feet beneath Las Vegas).

    And, of course, there were A-listers amid the most popular properties. You were extremely interested in Tom Brady‘s mansion in Massachusetts going on the market and the Obama family‘s purchase of a compound on Martha’s Vineyard.

    Reality TV also played a role: The Duggars had a tough time unloading their house-flipping project in Arkansas, and one of Chip and Joanna Gaines‘ masterpieces from “Fixer Upper” had trouble attracting a buyer.

    However, we don’t think you’ll have any trouble enjoying the homes listed below. After sorting through millions and millions of page views, we can definitively say these were your 10 favorite homes of the year. Scroll on down for the complete list.

    10. 311 Towhee Dr, Buda, TX

    Price: Listed for $400,000, sold for undisclosed amount in August

    Painted lady: Homeowner Missy Stephenson hand-painted her house in homage to Mackenzie Childs home goods. And when she and her husband listed the property, the internet took notice.

    The property was launched to viral fame on a Reddit forum titled “Awful Taste But Great Execution.” From there, it spread to all corners of the web as folks were blown away by the meticulous interior designs. And while Stephenson knew some were poking fun at her work, she remained unbothered, telling® the home is “a little piece of heaven for me.”

    We stan an artist with a vision!

    hand painted house in Buda TX
    Buda, TX


    9. 3970 Spencer St, Las Vegas, NV

    Price: $18,000,000

    Underground hit: This mind-blowing property is more than a home; it’s a 15,000-square-foot, steel and concrete doomsday bunker sunk 26 feet underground. And there’s even a pool.

    It was built in 1979 by an Avon Products executive who was an avid underground-living enthusiast. He created a full-scale model of above-ground life way, way below Earth’s surface. The photos are a must-see, particularly the painted sky scenes and fake trees. Interested? It’s still available!

    Underground house in Las Vegas NV
    Las Vegas, NV


    8. 903 Silver Spring Ln, Wexford, PA

    Price: Listed for $2.1 million in June, sold in October for $1,925,000

    Phil Kessel’s sad home theater: The popular NHL winger had a bad breakup with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2019, leaving the organization for a gig with the Phoenix Coyotes. His move to the desert meant he had to sell his Pittsburgh-area home, and fans of both hockey and real estate wanted a look. A single, lonely chair staged in the home’s huge home theater went viral, fueling even more interest in the already popular home.

    Phil Kessel's Home Theater
    Phil Kessel’s home theater


    7. 79775 Overseas Hwy, Village of Islands, FL

    Price: Was $17 million, now $15 million

    Terra’s Key: If any listing photo of 2019 was worthy of hanging on your vision board, it’s the one below. This island between Key Largo and Key West is accessible by a private, gated drive, creating the perfect blend of seclusion and convenience. Known as Terra’s Key, the 16-acre island has a five-bedroom residence and makes an ideal retreat for dreamers and schemers alike.

    Terras Key private island
    Islamorada, FL


    6. 2419 Arroyo Rd, Waco, TX

    Price: Listed for $739,900 in April, now off-market

    ‘Asian Ranch’ from ‘Fixer Upper’: On the show’s second season, stars Chip and Joanna Gaines turned an old home they dubbed the “Asian Ranch” into a French country farmhouse. The Magnolia duo took a nearly $200,000 renovation budget and added their signature aesthetic to the home while improving the layout of the place. However, the owners weren’t able to find a fan willing to spend triple the median list price for a Waco home. After a series of five price cuts in five months, the home went unsold.

    Asian Ranch Fixer Upper exterior Waco, TX
    Waco, TX


    5. 112 Woodland Rd, Brookline, MA

    Price: Listed for $39.5 million in August, reduced to $33.9 million in October

    Brady-Bundchen estate: Before the NFL season kicked off, A-list couple Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen decided to part with their custom-designed New England estate. Brady was sacked for a quick loss when it came to price, taking 14% off the list price after only a couple of months on the market. It’s still available for a buyer with means in the Boston area.

    Tom Brady mansion exterior Brookline, MA
    Chestnut Hill, MA


    4. 924 Bel Air Rd, Los Angeles, CA

    Price: Sold for $94,000,000 in October

    Billionaire mansion: Once priced at $250 million, the SoCal spec house known as “Billionaire” was the most expensive property in the country when it hit the market in 2017. After a couple of price cuts, the mansion was finally sold this year, for $94 million.

    That’s quite a bargain, considering the most recent list price was $150 million. It offered luxe amenities, including a crocodile skin–lined elevator, candy wall, and art collection—which meant the home was always able to attract clicks, but all of the attention wasn’t enough to attract a full-price buyer.

    Bel Air billionaire mansion
    Los Angeles, CA


    3. 79 Tukeyland Cove Rd, Edgartown, MA

    Price: Listed for $22.5 million in 2015, sold for $11.75 million this month

    Obama compound: This year, the family of former President Barack Obama plunked down millions for a splashy Martha’s Vineyard estate. Fancy, secluded, and spacious, this spread is fit for a boss. As in, the former leader of the free world.

    The Obamas purchased the place from the owner of the Boston Celtics—and scored a big discount. Hey, the guy has serious negotiating skills!

    The family rented the property, located on more than 29 acres, over summer vacation and fell in love. As soon as word broke of the Obamas’ intentions to buy the place in August, folks flocked to look at the listing photos. And while we’re not exactly sold on the home’s current decor, we have a feeling the former first lady can put her signature style stamp on the place.

    Obama compound Edgartown, MA
    Edgartown, MA


    2. 5335 Callahan Mountain Rd, Springdale, AR

    Price: $1,380,000

    Duggar mansion: Best known for their prodigious baby-making, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar tried their hand at house flipping this year. The stars of “19 Kids and Counting” made this Arkansas mansion truly shine, but a buyer has yet to materialize.

    When it went up for sale in May for $1.8 million, users clicked like crazy on the remodeled 10,000-square-foot home. The Duggars purchased the place for less than a quarter-million bucks and sunk a ton of time and effort into renovating it.

    Clicks on the home continued for months as the Duggars slashed the price again and again. It went all the way down to $1.1 million before recently reappearing on the market for $1.38 million.

    Springdale, AR


    1. 1612 Norristown Rd, Ambler, PA 

    Price: Listed for $720,000, now off-market

    Sex dungeon house: From the curb, this suburban Pennsylvania home is nondescript. However, the basement holds a sexy surprise—a swanky sex dungeon, which the owners were renting out for parties. The home’s listing agent opted to play up rather than hide the home’s kinky element, and a star was born.

    Outfitted with everything an owner needs to run a BDSM-fueled getaway, the risqué listing photos were up for a day or two before being removed. Naturally, this made folks even more curious.

    The photos went viral and, in February, even attracted the attention of “50 Shades of Grey” author E.L. James, who tweeted, “Interesting…”

    The home did not sell, and the owners continue to list it on Airbnb for adults only. And apparently, it’s booked months in advance.

    Ambler, PA house sex dungeon exterior
    Ambler, PA

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