Stars Need Help, Too! Candace Cameron Bure Taps Organizers to Clean Up Her Stuff

    Candace Cameron Bure

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    Between filming Hallmark movies and “Fuller House,” giving interviews, doing promos, and living a mom life, Candace Cameron Bure has little time to think about all the stuff piling up in her garage.

    When a small window of opportunity (read: she was home for more than 24 hours) came about, Bure turned to social media to find some home help. On Instagram, she discovered The Home Sort, an organization company that’s basically a premier stylist for your pantry. She’s been singing its praises ever since.

    Ryan Eiesland and Brandie Larsen started the organization business while lounging at the pool.

    “I turned to my [sister] and said let’s start an organizing business, and Larsen turned to me and said ‘Hey! Why didn’t you ask me if I wanted to start an organizing business?’ and that’s how we got started,” says Eiesland.

    A month later, a business was born and they’ve been going strong for 16 months.

    Candace Cameron Bure (middle) with Ryan Eiesland and Brandie Larsen of the Home Sort

    Christy Johnston for The Home Sort

    Bure isn’t the sisters’ first celebrity client, but she’s definitely been one of the most vocal on social media about the work the two women did to transform her home.

    “We’ve been organizing all our lives, and we thought, well let’s help other people do it,” said Eiesland.

    What they were serving up—Type A–style organization with an aesthetic that looks like a magazine spread—is exactly what Bure wanted. She gave the sisters a call, and after a consult, Eiesland and Larsen went to SoCal to work some magic.


    Christy Johnston for The Home Sort

    The sisters organized several spaces in Bure’s home—the master closet, bathrooms, office, pantry, and kitchen cabinets—but there was one space in particular that Bure wanted to see transformed: the garage.

    “She had a goal to be able to park her car in the garage,” says Larsen.


    Christy Johnston for The Home Sort

    Bure and her family had downsized their living space, so the items that once fit inside the home were now stashed in boxes in the garage. Plus there was hockey equipment, luggage, extra clothes, and all of the random things one would have in a garage anyway.

    Mission accomplished! Eiesland and Larsen conquered the garage as Bure is now able to park her car in its intended space and she can find everything she needs.

    Working with a busy celebrity can be a challenge because of the limited time frame available to get stuff done. The sisters had to work efficiently and fast.

    “We consulted with her about two weeks prior, and we were there working with her for two days,” says Eiesland.

    Bure’s master closet

    Christy Johnston for The Home Sort

    Eiesland and Larsen, along with a team of four other people, organized nearly the entire home in just 48 hours.

    “We like to be sensitive of people’s time,” says Eiesland. “We try to come in and get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible, because having the contents of your entire kitchen pulled out on the table for four days is a bit much.”

    The duo also made space for sentimental items.

    “She has a ton of keepsakes, so we made space for those. There were pictures of her and Steve Urkel (Jaleel White) with their kids and fun stuff like that,” she adds.

    Drawer in the closet

    Christy Johnston for The Home Sort

    Whether you’re a celeb or not, chances are there’s a space in your house that could use organizing.

    The ladies of the Home Sort understand. “We all have stuff,” says Eiesland. “And organizing changes people’s lives. It brings peace and calm, and the stress is taken out because you know where everything goes.”

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