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Sweet Dreams: 5 DIY Bedroom Looks You Can Easily Re-Create on the Cheap

Photos courtesy of @house_of_7feathers / @casafilipe / @scoutandnimble

We spend so much time in our bedrooms and want them to feel perfectly relaxing, grounding, and calm. But achieving that cozy ideal isn’t always easy—or affordable.

Enter the design gurus of Instagram.

For this week’s featured roundup, we focused on dreamy DIY looks you can use to upgrade your bedroom. So if you’ve been longing to zhuzh up your inner sanctum, here are five bohemian looks you can steal at the bargain price of a few dollars and some elbow grease.

1. Mermaid-green walls

To make your bedroom a bohemian oasis, you’ll want to break with traditional decor. One easy-peasy way to do this is by painting your walls a dramatic color—as seen in this post from @myvictorianhouselove.

“These walls are the ultimate luxe look,” says designer Megan Nelson, of Nest with the Nelsons. “Not to mention this moody look is so easy to achieve with a quick weekend project. And this is the perfect way to elevate a space affordably. So bring on the paint!”

Get the look: Level up your space with a signature can of deep blue Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines.

2. Whitewashed armoire

Keeping right on with a simple boho-chic look that’s incredibly DIY-friendly is this whitewashed armoire from @house_of_7feathers.

“The whitewashing trend is back, but it’s different now than the shabby-chic styles of the past,” says Kristen Reyes, interior designer and CEO of Sey Interiors. “It’s a way to lighten furniture while still keeping some character and warmth of wood tones. Use this trend by pairing whitewashed furniture with more streamlined decor. That trick keeps this trend from feeling overly rustic or kitschy.”

Get the look: Follow this DIY guide to remake your favorite bedroom furniture.

3. Disco glow


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A post shared by Casa Filipe (@casafilipe)

Looking to make your room literally glow? Before putting in a big ol’ overhead light, check out this fun idea from @casafilipe.

“This is such a fun trend to add a little magic to everyday life,” says Reyes. “While it won’t be the right look for every home, it’s a great complement to boho decor. It creates a playful feeling—and what better way to start the day than with a little sparkle?”

Get the look: Add some radiant glam to your space with this hanging disco ball planter.

4. Backlit bed curtain


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A post shared by decor home (@dcr_home)

If your blah bedroom is lacking that certain relaxing atmosphere, we may have the perfect DIY solution: this backlit bed curtain from @dcr_home.

“Adding a backlit bed curtain is wonderful for creating ambient light in your bedroom space,” says Reyes. “A soft, warm glow in the evening is the perfect setting to slow down at the end of the day. In the pictured setting, it fits well with the organic decor. If you have a more modern space, you can still try this trend by utilizing a more taut backdrop like a large canvas.”

Get the look: Bring some glowing ambiance into your bedroom with this fairy light panel, or follow this DIY tutorial to design your own.

5. Dreamy bedroom tree

One of the easiest ways to easily bring some natural vibes into your bedroom is by incorporating plants—specifically a whimsical oversized tree like this one from @scoutandnimble.

“Bring nature indoors,” says Nelson. “A beautifully dreamy bedroom tree can make for a serene and totally calming space after a long week.”

Get the look: Shop your local nursery, or head over to Bloomscape to get your perfect bedroom tree delivered.

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