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    Tarek El Moussa Reveals One Popular Paint Color To Avoid at All Costs


    Tarek El Moussa of “Flip or Flip” fame has gotten lots of experience helping novice flippers jump-start their flipping business on his new show, “Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa.”

    While one might assume the biggest challenge for new flippers would be choosing the right design or learning where to best spend their budget, as it turns out, sometimes the biggest challenge is simply making sure every member of the team is doing their job.

    On the most recent episode, “A Flipping Family Nightmare,” Najia and Junes are a mother-son team trying to make a profit on their most recent flip, a home in Long Beach, CA. But Najia is often at her day job, leaving her son to take on the bulk of the work.

    Read on to find out if this team can find a way to work together. Plus, learn El Moussa’s best tips for choosing the right colors for a variety of places and moods.

    Black and white on a home’s exterior looks modern

    The house looked OK from the beginning, but it could use some updating.


    When El Moussa first visits Junes and Najia’s flip, the exterior isn’t in bad shape. With a light-blue paint and exposed brick, it looks homey, but the style doesn’t pop.

    Junes and Najia decide to give the house a white with black trim, then add a wood-tone front door. The finished look is sleek and modern, giving the home a much more interesting look.

    This exterior really says, “Wow!”


    To finish the front exterior, the team removes the overgrown plants (which block the front window) and replaces them with smaller, more manageable greenery in front of the porch and on either side of the garage.

    After all this work is done, the exterior looks amazing. With just a little paint and some gardening, this home is transformed.

    An open floor plan still rules

    living room
    This room felt so closed off from the rest of the house.


    Having an open floor plan is important for many buyers, which is why Junes and Najia know that opening up the living room will be a great investment.

    By just taking down a few walls, Junes and Najia know that they can connect that front living space with the back of the house, creating one larger room—and it feels huge.

    living room
    This space now feels open and welcoming.


    When the work is all done, of course, potential buyers love the look.

    “I really love how wide and open it is,” one buyer says when she walks in the front door.

    It’s clear that busting down these walls was the right choice.

    Please don’t think pink!

    This pink color had to go.


    We know Millennial Pink is all the rage these days, which may explain why this kitchen is pink, too. But it just doesn’t work—especially once the wall separating the kitchen and living areas comes down.

    This kitchen works much better with the living room.


    To replace this garish color, Junes and Najia choose a black and white palette for the living room and kitchen, giving these rooms an easy flow and a modern look.

    In the process, the living room morphs into a chic sitting area. But the kitchen makes an even bigger transformation: going from outdated pink to thoroughly modern, with white counters, white cabinets, and a stylish black backsplash.

    Paired with some minimalist hanging lights and gray stools at the peninsula, this kitchen complements the living room perfectly.

    Muted colors set a mellow mood

    This fireplace gives the room a calming feel.


    While the living room and kitchen are both mainly black and white, the master bedroom has a more natural, relaxed feel.

    One way Najia and Junes accomplish this earthy vibe is with the right choice of tile for the fireplace. The tile they pick features fun geometric shapes, giving the fireplace some personality, and a muted tone, making the style feel more relaxed. This tile mixes trendy with calming, making this sleeping space feel like a stylish and peaceful oasis.

    Dark colors can be dramatic in small rooms

    This laundry room looked outdated.


    While this large bedroom already comes with a fireplace, it doesn’t have an en suite bathroom to make this a bedroom the true master getaway El Moussa knows it can be.

    So, El Moussa, Junes, and Najia come up with a creative plan to repurpose the existing laundry room and small bathroom to create one large master bath.

    This bathroom is so chic!


    Najia loves dark bathrooms, so they decide on black tile for the floor and shower, which is offset by a white standing tub and vanity. In the end, the bathroom looks incredible, proving that Najia’s dark tile choice is right on the money.

    Was this ‘Flipping 101’ tutorial a success?

    While Junes and Najia were off to a rocky start, with Najia leaving Junes to do much of the flipping work himself, it works out in the end. Once Najia steps up, renovations start going much more smoothly. With Najia’s top-notch design and Junes’ commitment, this project comes together in the end.

    After purchasing this Long Beach home for $525,000, Najia and Junes spend $89,000 on the rehab, plus $9,000 in interest on their loan. Closing costs are about $30,000, so this mother-son team needs to sell the house for $653,000 to break even.

    They end up listing the house for $699,900, and accepting an offer of $725,000, leaving these novice flippers with an impressive profit of $72,000. These two have learned a lot from El Moussa, and it shows!

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