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    That’s So South Dakota: The Most Uniquely Popular Interior Design Style in Every State

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    Because the pandemic has forced many Americans to live, work, and socialize remotely in the confines of their homes, they have had more time than ever before to contemplate their interior design decisions—and they’re looking longingly at the rest of the world.

    Interior design web searches surged by 148% in the last year, according to a recent report from Rae Duncan Interior Design.

    Global design, which combines international finds, earthy materials, and exotic fashions, emerged as the most-searched style nationally, according to the Chicago-based interior design firm.

    The style, notable for using statues, handicrafts, and artwork from around the world,  was particularly popular in the West, Midwest, and Northeast.

    Perhaps because folks couldn’t visit their favorite countries amid the pandemic, they recreated the styles in their homes, incorporating the earthy tones brightened with pops of spice-inspired colors.

    “People are getting more adventurous,” says Rae Duncan. “People are tired of the gray and the white and the neutrals.

    “Global design can be a huge mix of different elements pulled from different cultures and eras,” she adds. “People are finding it’s more fun to live in a space with unique features.”

    Farmhouse and modern farmhouse also increasing in popularity, seeing the biggest boost in search volume annually. In the Southeast, this was the most searched-for style. Meanwhile, the Southwest was split between its obsessions with farmhouse and with Southwestern style.

    The design firm attempted to figure out which styles are particularly popular in each state. These may not be the top designs overall, but rather the trends that are the most unusually popular in individual states compared to the rest of the country.

    An example is coastal design, which has fans in all 50 states—but which ranks as the favorite in Florida.

    To come up with its findings, the design firm identified 29 design-related search terms. Then the firm analyzed Google search trends in every state with those keywords, and compared them with those that were most popular last year.

    Global interior design has emerged as one of the top styles, according to a recent report from Rae Duncan Interior Design.

    Provided by Rae Duncan Interior Design

    So what are the most unusually popular design styles in every state?

    Alabama: Farmhouse
    Alaska: Global
    Arizona: Southwestern
    Arkansas: Rustic
    California: Minimalist
    Colorado: Farmhouse
    Connecticut: Global
    Delaware: Preppy
    Florida: Coastal
    Georgia: Farmhouse
    Hawaii: Global
    Idaho: Global
    Illinois: Eclectic
    Indiana: Farmhouse
    Iowa: Global
    Kansas: Global
    Kentucky: Farmhouse
    Louisiana: Farmhouse
    Maine: Preppy
    Maryland: Global
    Massachusetts: Art Deco
    Michigan: Rustic
    Minnesota: Global
    Mississippi: Farmhouse
    Missouri: Rustic
    Montana: Global
    Nebraska: Global
    Nevada: Global
    New Hampshire: Global
    New Jersey: Minimalist
    New Mexico: Southwestern
    New York: Minimalist
    North Carolina: Farmhouse
    North Dakota: Global
    Ohio: Industrial
    Oklahoma: Farmhouse
    Oregon: Southwestern
    Pennsylvania: Rustic
    Rhode Island: Global
    South Carolina: French Country
    South Dakota: Preppy
    Tennessee: Farmhouse
    Texas: Farmhouse
    Utah: Transitional
    Vermont: Asian Zen
    Virginia: Farmhouse
    Washington: Midcentury modern
    West Virginia: Global
    Wisconsin: Industrial
    Wyoming: Preppy

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