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    • The Coronavirus, Real Estate, and You: Everything You Need To Know

    The Coronavirus, Real Estate, and You: Everything You Need To Know

    As the coronavirus epidemic roils American society, it is totally upending the world of real estate. The editorial team is tirelessly covering the impact of the pandemic on trends in the housing market, where mortgage rates are heading, and the outlook for home buyers and sellers. We’re also full of suggestions on what to do with your home if you end up cloistered indoors, whether it’s self-quarantine or sheltering in place.

    Here’s a quick guide to the stuff you need to know:

    The latest on the real estate market

    How Record Unemployment Claims Will Affect the Housing Market

    The Government Has a Plan To Help Out Renters—Will It Be Enough?

    Mortgage Rate Madness: They’re Up, They’re Down, Where Will They Land?

    How the Coronavirus Is Affecting Home Buyers and Sellers Right Now

    Is Now the Right Time To Buy an Investment Property? How Low Rates Can Help Investors Increase Their Buying Power

    Coronavirus Is Likely To Upend the Spring Home-Buying Season—and Not Just in the Way You’d Expect

    U.S. Suspends Most Foreclosures Amid Coronavirus Uncertainty

    The Fed Slashed Interest Rates. Here’s Why Mortgage Rates Likely Won’t Follow Suit

    Recession Alert: What Home Buyers and Sellers Need To Know About the Housing Market

    Home Selling in the Age of Coronavirus: It’s a Whole Different World

    Mortgage Rates Are at Nearly 50-Year Lows. How Much More Could They Fall?

    Worried About the Coronavirus? Here’s a Middle-Class Prepper Retreat for the End of the World

    U.S. Real Estate Market Shows Symptoms of Coronavirus Effect: What You Need To Know

    That quarantine life

    A Farewell to Stark Spaces: How COVID-19 Is Ushering In the End of Minimalist Design

    5 Ways My Home Has Calmed Me Down During the Coronavirus

    Your Essential Quarantine Supply List: What You’ll Actually Need for a Few Weeks at Home

    20 Fun Ways To Pass the Time When You’re Stuck at Home

    Stocking Up and Running Out of Space? 8 Clever Tricks for Storing Your Coronavirus Supplies

    How To Coronavirus-Proof Your Home—and Your Life

    DIY projects to fill your quarantine time

    6 Easy DIY Garage Projects To Take On While You’re Stuck Inside

    5 Brilliant Household Hacks for All Those Sold-Out Quarantine Supplies

    5 Cheery Living Room Decor Ideas We Stole From Instagram While Self-Quarantining

    Working from home? We feel your pain

    The Best Remote Working Essentials for Your Home Office Space

    Work From Home in Style With These Luxe Office Looks We Stole From Instagram

    Is Device Overload Draining Your Precious Bandwidth? How To Work From Home at Full Speed

    5 Annoying Work-From-Home Habits You Need To Stop Doing Right Now

    How To Home-School Your Kids and Work at Home Without Going Crazy

    The Rush To Work From Home Creates Opportunity—for Cybercriminals

    How I Learned To Make the Most of Working From Home—and You Can Too

    Help, My Husband and I Both Work at Home Now—in a Studio Apartment

    What we’ve been talking about

    ‘House Party’ Podcast: Is This Tom Brady’s New Home? Weird Ways We’re Passing the Time During Quarantine

    ‘House Party’ Podcast: Home Buying and Selling During a Pandemic; the Duggars’ Odd Arkansas Home Finally Finds a Buyer

    ‘House Party’ Podcast: Coronavirus, and Where To Store All That TP; Why Pharrell Got Teased for His ‘Community College’ House

    And, some must-see videos

    The Essential Quarantine Supply List

    Stuck at Home? Time for Some Touch-Ups

    How Is the Coronavirus Affecting Real Estate? A Realtor Explains

    How To Prep Your Home for Coronavirus and Keep Germs at Bay

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