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The Irresistible Charm of a Cozy Kitchen: The Top 5 Instagram Looks To Steal This Week

Photos via Instagram by sharonrembaumdesign / lawsonfenning / thewelldressedhouse

If you’ve been bit by the dreamy hibernation bug recently—well, you’re not alone. There’s just something about this time of year that makes many of us want to stay inside and luxuriate in the comforts of home. That craving for snugness makes January the ideal time to tackle some fun interior design projects that will add loads of charm to your kitchen, the hygge heart of every home.

Are you up for feathering your nest to make it an even cozier inner sanctum?

For this week’s trending Instagram decor report, we’ve got five looks that are all about warm sanctuary vibes. Here are the kitchen decor looks worth stealing right now.

1. Gold island pendants


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A post shared by lawson-fenning (@lawsonfenning)

Are you looking for a way to add some magic sparkle to your kitchen? Then check out these gold accent pendants topping a kitchen island, as we see in this post from @lawsonfenning.

“Gold island pendants are a huge trend right now and a perfect way to add in a modern flair,” says designer Megan Nelson, of Nest with the Nelsons. “Gold pendants also welcome other accessories with this bright hue—think cabinet pulls and embellishments through backsplashes with gold metal lining.”

Get the look: Go big on bringing sparkle to your kitchen with this Rodan hammered brass pendant.

2. Victorian copper accessories


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A post shared by Megan Miller (@megan.d.miller)

Not all that glitters is gold, and that’s certainly true of this stunning array of vintage-looking copper accessories from @megan.d.miller.

“Kitchens are becoming true places of gathering,” says designer Ana Cummings, of ANA Interiors Ltd. “They are more personal than ever, and we’re seeing them layered with items that speak to home cooking and heritage. Antique or vintage copper pots, pans, and accoutrements offer stylistic touches linked with great chefs like Julia Child—and the warmth and interest they bring to a kitchen is unique.”

Get the look: Make Julia proud by displaying a set of these Lagostina Martellata hammered copper cookware.

3. Natural wood and white cabinets

Want to know the secret of making metallic accents stand out even more? Just take a note from the book of @sharonrembaumdesign with these softly contrasting natural wood and white cabinets.

“Every builder is churning out a kitchen in natural wood and white,” says Cummings. “This stems primarily from the modern farmhouse trend, and the mix of two or more colors in a kitchen is also very inviting, especially if you have a tremendous amount of square footage to cover because it’s so much more interesting than just one color.”

Get the look: Remake your cabinets with a can of Pointing by Farrow & Ball paint, then complete the look with this natural finish rolling kitchen island.

4. Old-world stove


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A post shared by Cecelia (@thewelldressedhouse)

There’s nothing like some old-world charm to make a space feel brand-new. Need proof? Then simply gaze upon this gorgeous stove featured by @thewelldressedhouse.

“These multiknobbed hobs offer a plethora of interest in what is typically the focal point of the kitchen,” says Cummings. “The combination of metals and color really add a bespoke, upscale touch. The price may not be for the faint of heart as these can be budget busters. But if you want to have that wow factor and kick it up a notch, old-world stoves are the go-to choice.”

Get the look: Shop around your local antiques stores for an old stove, or splurge on this beauty from the Nostalgie Series on Appliance Connection.

5. Built-in bookshelf

There isn’t a room in the house that doesn’t feel cozier with books, and it’s easy to see why in this post from @alisonandersoninteriors.

“I’m all about functionality and comfort, and this built-in bookshelf in the kitchen brings the best of both worlds,” says Nelson. “Not only does it look great in this moody color, but to have a dedicated place to store your favorite cookbooks? That’s a slam-dunk.”

Get the look: Follow this DIY guide to build your own bookshelf, or slide this slender Arvin solid-wood bookcase into your favorite kitchen corner.

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