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The Life-Changing Magic of Using a Bidet (Is This Device Right for You?)

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When you mention using a bidet to someone, you’ll likely hear one of two wildly divergent responses. The first might be “Eww, that’s so weird!” The second might be akin to someone squealing with pleasure and exclaiming, “It’s the best home improvement I’ve ever done.”

Those in the pro-bidet camp need no convincing. But if you’ve never tried a bidet, how can you tell whether it’s right for you or not?

Bidet interest in this country is on the rise, thanks partly to the toilet paper shortage we experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Bidets clean you with a spray of water; therefore you don’t require much, if any, toilet paper.) So bidets are considered very green because of the trees saved.

Americans are late to the trend, but if you travel abroad, you’ll see bidets in common use in large swaths of Europe, Asia, and South America.

To help you decide whether this kind of weird front- and rear-cleaning device is for you, we’ve tapped a few ardent converts to share their bidet aha! moments. Read on to learn about the life-altering bidet magic these people have experienced so you can know whether this accessory is right for you.

It can be a small splurge

A bidet seat and a simple nozzle attached to an existing toilet fixture are two far less expensive options compared with the full-on plumbing job of installing a separate bidet bowl.

The seat route is what Tiffany Grant of Greensboro, NC, took when she realized she’d been missing out on the magic of bidets.

“The first time I tried a bidet was at a truck stop on the West Coast where all the stalls had them with water jets for front and back plus a fan to dry off,” she explains. Immediately upon her return home, she went to a home improvement store and found a bidet toilet seat for just $100.

“I installed it myself right on the existing toilet, and it came in super handy during COVID and the toilet paper shortage—it’s been my favorite recent splurge,” adds Grant.

Bidets are hygienic wonders

Sometimes you must go very far away to get a taste of the life-changing world of bidets. For Christian Zelder of New York City, this meant a journey to Dubai, where he was shooting a music video.

“The hotel booked for me had a bidet, so of course, I had to try it,” he says. He quickly became a convert.

“Having this in the home is essential,” Zelder says. “Just go to Home Depot and get a bidet attachment hose for $20.” Life changed.

Bidets are easy to install

It was Brad Sweeney‘s girlfriend who first bought their bidet, which changed Sweeney’s life.

“I would never have gotten one myself, but after using it, I’ll never go back,” he says.

Sweeney, who lives in Chicago, has a model from Tushy that works solely off water pressure.

“It was easy to install and has reduced our toilet paper usage to almost nothing,” Sweeney says.

The one drawback of this bidet, per Sweeney? “I don’t like to think about other people using it, even though I know it’s self-cleaning.”

Indeed, there are rules of etiquette when it comes to using someone else’s bidet.

They’re very gentle

Sometimes a bidet can even help ease a serious medical condition like the Crohn’s disease that Dan Morris of Everett, WA, has.

“During a flare-up, things can get a little, shall we say, chafed and sore down there, and toilet paper only exacerbates the problem,” he explains.

Morris knew he had to try one after reading about the glories of owning a bidet on a Crohn’s Facebook group. He finally checked out a bidet at a friend’s house.

“It was so much gentler than other alternatives, like baby wipes, and it’s better for the environment,” says Morris. He’s hoping to do a major bathroom renovation in the near future, and a bidet is definitely on the must-have list.

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