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    • The Only 10 Things Your Kid’s Bedroom Truly Needs: Do You Have Them All?

    The Only 10 Things Your Kid’s Bedroom Truly Needs: Do You Have Them All?


    Kids bedrooms are often the trickiest space to furnish in your whole house. You want the decor to inspire play but not chaos—plus ideally, the furnishings will grow with them so you don’t have to, say, replace that babyish giraffe headboard next year.

    So what decor will stand the test of time, and help the kiddos keep their space neat and organized? We’ve rounded up some essential kids bedroom items you need to create a whimsical yet functional space that’ll work for tots to teenagers.

    1. Cubby cabinet

    A storage unit will keep your kid’s bedroom clutter-free.

    Keep toys, games, stuffed animals, and everything else that winds up in your kid’s room off the floor by adding extra storage.

    A three-cubby, two-bin cabinet ($102.24 to $129.04, is a great option, and you could use it to teach your little ones to pick up after themselves, says Shelly Isaacson, a Stillwater, MN–based interior designer.

    2. Cute night light

    Add an adorable night light if kiddos are afraid of the dark.

    Is your little one afraid of the dark? This fox-shaped night light ($20, is adorable and will make them feel at ease so they can get a good night’s sleep.

    “Animal-shaped night lights like this one are great for providing a small amount of ambient light that is not distracting to your kiddo’s sleep cycle, or a great option for that bigger kid who doesn’t think they need a night light since it’s more like a cool piece of art,” says Rebecca Langman, owner of Revision Custom Home Design, in Billings, MT.

    3. Lighted playhouse

    A light-up tent gives kids a special place to hang out.

    A light-up tent ($153.99, encourages imaginative play, Langman says. This one is made of cotton canvas and sturdy enough for up to three to inhabit. Kids can use the space as a reading nook, fort, or place for teddy bear tea parties.

    4. Large storage basket

    Store books, blankets, and even laundry in this adorable hippo basket.

    This adorable hippo-shaped basket ($138, will serve many purposes in your kid’s room. Store extra blankets or books, or use it as a fun place to put dirty laundry, Isaacson says.

    5. Versatile desk

    Kids can use this versatile desk for years to come.

    It’s never too early to give someone their own personal workspace, and kids will love having their own desk for homework or creative activities, Isaacson says.

    This kid’s desk ($214.80, fits neatly in a corner and comes with a reversible hutch and chair. It won’t take up much space, and it’s something your child can use for years.

    6. Wall organizer

    A dry-erase board can help kids learn to stay organized.

    Leave notes for your little ones and give them a spot to display artwork or photos with a magnetic wall-mounted, dry-erase board ($73.93, The board will also teach kids to track their tasks and events and develop good communication skills and habits.

    “Share task lists for the room, don’t-forget-to-bring lists, be ready to go to at what time—the uses are endless—or, just a message of ‘I love you,’” Isaacson says. Sweet!

    7. Playful rug

    Colorful rugs add a design boost.

    Rugs give any decor scheme a boost and provide a focal point for the room. For a child’s room, choose something with a whimsical and colorful design, like this animal rug ($47.99 to $91.99, with colorful giraffes, tigers, elephants, and more. A soft rug also gives kids a comfortable place to play.

    8. Cozy quilt

    A cozy quilt keeps kids warm as they dream.

    A cozy quilt ($98 to $178, will keep your kids warm as they doze off to sleep. This one features a whimsical map to spark the imagination.

    “Whether your child is a princess imagining adventures in the forest or a budding paleontologist, this map-themed bedding is the perfect backdrop for their adventures,” Langman says.

    9. Toy box

    A toy box is a must-have to keep things put away.

    “A toy box is like a treasure chest of favorite things, all in one place,” Isaacson says. It also minimizes clutter.

    These classic-style wooden toy boxes ($79.98, come in many colors. When the lid is closed, it can double as a bench.

    10. Beanbag chair

    Beanbag chairs offer comfy, portable seating.

    Beanbag chairs ($34, offer portable and comfortable seating for kids bedrooms. They can sink into the chair to play video games or read their favorite book. This durable beanbag chair will likely last a while, letting kids enjoy it from the time they’re little on up through college.

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