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    The Property Brothers’ Best Secrets to Liven Up Decor for Less Money


    Drew and Jonathan Scott are experts when it comes to updating houses for families, and on their latest episode of “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” they help a family that really deserves a fresh start.

    On the “Healthy Ever After” episode, Jonathan and Drew meet Allison and Greg, who have been through some hard times. Allison was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after a long struggle, finally beat the cancer with her family by her side. Now, after all that Allison and Greg have been though, they know they deserve to finally treat themselves to the home updates they’ve been dreaming of.

    Read on to find out how Drew and Jonathan liven up this traditional family home, and learn some tips that you could use for your own home, too.

    Light floors give a home a modern look

    living room
    These floors brighten up the space.


    Allison and Greg are looking to start a new chapter, and what’s a new chapter without some fresh, new floors?

    Drew and Jonathan know that the home’s dark and narrow hardwood planks are too old-fashioned for this family, so they decide to replace them with something brighter.

    With new wide-plank, light hardwood, the ground floor of this home brightens up, giving the living space a larger and more welcoming feel. Of course, Allison and Greg love it.

    “The floors are gorgeous and homey,” Greg says.

    Livening up home decor doesn’t need to cost a lot

    dining room
    This dining room has all of the best modern updates.


    With a wood-tone table, a matching hutch for glassware, and an outdated chandelier, the dining room feels bland and stale. So it’s no surprise when Allison and Greg tell the Scott brothers to give their dining room a modern makeover.

    The brothers know that this space doesn’t need a big renovation; it needs only a few fresh and budget-friendly touches.

    This chandelier brightens the space with a modern look.


    Drew and Jonathan liven up the space by bringing in a new white dining table and dressing up the space with some color. The mix-and-match blue chairs give the space a fun, casual vibe, and the area rug brings some classic charm to this dining space.

    But the best part of this budget-friendly makeover is the new chandelier. This fixture is modern with fun, geometric shapes, and the gold accents give the space some extra pizzazz.

    A country kitchen can still feel contemporary

    This kitchen is a perfect blend of country and contemporary.


    Allison and Greg want their home to have a modern look mixed with a classic, country aesthetic. Of course, Drew and Jonathan know they can give this couple the “country-contemporary” look of their dreams, and they make sure to bring this theme into the kitchen.

    With country-chic wood stools at the island and modern black pendant lights overhead, this kitchen perfectly blends new styles with a classic charm.

    “It’s not old-fashioned. It’s a modern, comfortable look,” Greg says.

    The backsplash should match the kitchen style

    This backsplash is modern and classic.


    To finish this kitchen, the brothers need to decide on a backsplash that will fit with the rest of the kitchen design.

    They end up choosing a tile that’s equal parts country and contemporary. The tile has a geometric pattern that looks clean and modern, but it also has a soft color that gives it a country-fresh look.

    Porcelain tile is a budget-friendly alternative

    After Allison and Greg ask for some extra renovations to the second living room, Jonathan knows he’s on a tight budget. To save some money, he decides to switch out the marble he was going to put in the master bathroom with less expensive porcelain. He explains that it’s a smart switch because the porcelain still looks beautiful, while coming with a much smaller price tag.

    Choose a big tub for tall family members

    This glamorous bathroom deserved a beautiful new tub.


    Greg and Allison already have a tub in the bathroom, but the brothers note that it’s small and shallow.

    Since Greg is tall, the brothers know that he probably couldn’t enjoy a soak in the old tub, so they decide to replace this tub with something a little more functional—and a lot more stylish.

    They choose a deep, free-standing tub that is clean and modern.

    Of course, the tub looks perfect, but in order to give the bathroom a more playful vibe, they balance the look with a colorful floor tile. With a modern tub and a charming tile, the bathroom gets the country-contemporary look Allison and Greg love.

    Do the Scott brothers deliver?

    Allison and Greg have $160,000 to make over the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom and bathroom. That’s a lot of space to cover!

    Plus, when they want to expand the renovation to the second living room, Jonathan knows he’s going to have to watch the budget closely. Luckily, with some substitutions, like switching out the marble for porcelain tile in the bathroom, Jonathan is able to stay right on budget at $160,000.

    The house looks beautiful at a price that is perfect!

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