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    The Property Brothers Discover Jeremy Renner’s Secret Talent on ‘Celebrity IOU’


    “Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott have pulled off some heroic renovations, but on the latest episode of their new show, “Celebrity IOU,” the pressure’s on when they meet an actor who plays a superhero: Jeremy Renner.

    And even superheroes have a soft side! Renner, the man behind the arrow-wielding Marvel character Hawkeye in “The Avengers” movies, wants the Scott brothers’ help renovating a Woodland Hills, CA, condo for his mom, Valerie.

    As it turns out, Renner is quite the renovator himself! When not fighting villains on screen, he has a side business remodeling houses, with 25 remodels under his belt.

    Together, these three aim to create a home that’s classy and stylish—and also durable enough to stand up to visiting grandkids. Read on to find out how the “Property Brothers” team pulls this renovation off—and along the way, learn some great, kid-friendly updates you might want to try in your own space.

    Jeremy Renner
    Jeremy Renner plans the condo’s renovation with the “Property Brothers” stars.


    Choose porcelain counters for a durable, easy-to-clean style

    This kitchen needed a lot of work!


    When the Scott brothers first see Valerie’s kitchen, they know that this space is due for a big renovation. One of the biggest problems? The counters.

    “One of my biggest pet peeves in the kitchen is tile counters, because it just sucks up the bacteria,” Jonathan says.

    With grandkids in the kitchen all the time, Jonathan knows Valerie will need something that is durable and easy to clean. Plus, he wants to install a countertop that looks sophisticated and stylish. In the end, he settles on a beautiful white porcelain slab that can go up the wall for the  backsplash.

    This kitchen looks fresh, modern, and beautiful.


    “This is going to tie together the whole color palette,” Jonathan says of the porcelain counter. “This is the bling on top of the finished product.”

    In the end, it looks amazing. The counters look modern and classy, while also being functional for busy days with grandkids.

    An all-white kitchen can turn into a messy kitchen

    Jeremy Renner
    Renner helps Jonathan choose finishes.


    While the porcelain counters brighten up the kitchen, the brothers know that a good counter is nothing without some great cabinets. And it’s up to Renner to choose the color.

    “You run into a problem when you go all white,” Renner says, explaining that with young children running around the kitchen, white cabinets could get messy fast.

    “It’s either change the color of the cabinets or get rid of the kids,” Jonathan jokes.

    In the end, Renner and Jonathan decide to pull some white into the cabinet design, but they put it in the upper cabinets, far out of reach of messy little hands. Down below, they choose beautiful dark blue cabinets that make the kitchen look bold and stylish.

    Go neutral when it comes to flooring

    When Jonathan asks Renner’s opinion on flooring, the actor knows exactly what styles will look good.

    “I like the warmth of this,” Renner says when inspecting a sample of white oak flooring. It’s a safe, neutral look, and Jonathan agrees that this color is right for Valerie’s condo.

    When the floors are finally installed, Valerie loves the color.

    “Just the floors alone are so beautiful,” she says

    The entry tile should be stylish and durable

    Jeremy Renner
    Jonathan and Renner put down the tile for the entryway.


    With beautiful white oak flooring being installed in the living room, Jonathan isn’t sure what to do with the raised entryway. He knows that putting the same flooring over the single step could make the two levels visually blend together, creating a tripping hazard. Instead, Jonathan decides to install gray and white tile to make the entryway stand out.

    And Renner loves the gray and white style Jonathan chooses.

    “It has that … classic ’20s Hollywood feel,” Renner says, “and it keeps with the aesthetic of this beautiful, traditional modernized home.”

    This tile looks perfect in the entryway.


    “It actually defines the front entrance and makes this a separate space,” Jonathan says.

    But this tile isn’t just functional. Jonathan explains that the durable, easy-to-clean tile will come in handy when grandkids march in from outside.

    A fireplace should be both modern and classic

    living room
    This fireplace updates this space while still giving it a classic flair.


    While this condo already has a fireplace, the brothers know that the small, off-center feature isn’t going to work for Valerie. They take out the old fireplace and replace it with a new fireplace that brings some old-world style to the living room.

    “This fireplace feature wall is a prime example of how we want old to meet new,” Jonathan explains. The plaster finish is going to bring an old European feel.

    In the end, the fireplace looks beautiful—modern but classic. It’s a perfect place for Valerie, and a perfect home away from home for her grandkids.

    Is this ‘Celebrity IOU’ a success?

    Jeremy Renner
    Renner and his mom, Valerie, already feel right at home.


    When Renner and the Scott brothers finally finish this condo, the place looks fantastic. Renner loves the clean, classic look, and when Valerie finally sees her renovated home, she’s shocked. She loves the living room, the floors, and the kitchen.

    “My life has come full circle now,” Valerie says. “I can have all my grandchildren here, I can have my children here, we can make so many memories here. I couldn’t be happier.”

    Jeremy Renner
    The Scott brothers and Renner sure had a lot of fun with this renovation!


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