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    The Property Brothers Do a Modern Farmhouse Renovation You Have To See


    Drew and Jonathan Scott are known for their bright, contemporary style, but on the latest episode of “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” their clients ask for a modern farmhouse vibe.

    Wait, that style is way more of a Chip and Joanna Gaines thing. Can the Scotts pull it off?

    In the episode, “With Neighbors This Good,” Ben and Brooke are tired of moving. After living abroad, they’ve settled down in Toronto and found the perfect neighborhood to raise their three kids.

    Although their home is too small for the five of them, they’re willing to make it work in order to stay on their street.

    Read on to find out how Drew and Jonathan make this home feel more roomy, and learn some stylish tips to make your home feel larger, too.

    Create a larger entryway

    After the renovation, there’s a great flow from the entryway to the living room.


    One of the first things Drew and Jonathan notice when they walk into Ben and Brooke’s home is the tiny entryway.

    The hall is so tight that Drew says he feels claustrophobic with all four of them inside the door. Obviously, this entryway needs to be fixed.

    The brothers draw up plans to open the entry into the living room, widening the doorway and even making it taller. In the end, the new entry feels more spacious, bright, and welcoming.

    It’s a small update, but it transforms the feel of the entryway and the whole house.

    “I cannot believe the difference it makes,” Brooke says.

    Small changes make a big difference for a staircase

    These carpeted steps and dark hand railing made the stairs look outdated.


    With Drew and Jonathan already updating the hallway, they can’t ignore the outdated, chipped stair rail. They know that the staircase is the first thing that guests will see when they walk in the house, and since this family likes to entertain, a good first impression will mean a lot.

    With just a few small changes, this staircase looks amazing!


    So, the brothers update the railing from black to white, and give the steps new life by ripping out the carpet, refinishing the wood, and painting the risers white. When they are done with these small updates, the staircase is transformed.

    Use accent tile to bring color to the island

    Before: This old layout didn’t leave room for the island Brooke and Ben wanted.


    One thing Brooke and Ben really want in their home is a kitchen island. They explain that they love inviting neighbors over for pizza nights, and they want plenty of room to serve up those slices.

    The only problem is that their kitchen is already compact, and an island will take up a lot of real estate.

    Still, the brothers get creative by busting out some cabinets and making space for an island.

    After: This island is beautiful, and the accent tile makes the whole kitchen more colorful.


    Of course, the brothers want to highlight this new kitchen feature, so they decide to add a tile accent on one side. The beautiful blue and gray tile adds color without overwhelming the small kitchen.

    Consider shiplap for your kitchen backsplash

    Brooke loves the modern farmhouse look, so she asks Drew and Jonathan to install shiplap on the backsplash.

    And in the end, the new backsplash looks amazing. This clean, white design gives the space a fresh, timeless look, and the horizontal lines make the compact kitchen seem longer.

    The brothers apparently like the look so much that they add shiplap to the living room wall. The material looks just as good in the living room as it does in the kitchen.

    Install a farmhouse sink for a farmhouse kitchen

    This corner sink was awkward.


    Brooke may have been satisfied with the shiplap backsplash, but the brothers know that a farmhouse kitchen needs a farmhouse sink. They remove the awkward corner sink and replace it with a much larger one under the kitchen window.

    This farmhouse sink is more harmonious, and it matches the kitchen’s new style.


    This new sink makes the space much more stylish and functional.

    “This is my dream kitchen,” Brooke says.

    Give your living room furniture that matches

    living room
    Before: This assortment of couches made the living room feel cramped.


    Brooke and Ben love to entertain, which means that in their living room, they have lots of chairs and couches for lots of guests. It provides plenty of sitting space but, as the brothers point out, this collection of bulky, ill-assorted chairs make the room feel much smaller.

    living room
    After: The appropriate amount of furniture makes this space seem more spacious.


    The Scotts replace the chairs with a selection of living room furniture that actually works well together. The living room may have slightly less sitting space, but the new pieces free up square footage and make the area feel much more comfortable. It’s still a perfect spot for entertaining!

    Do the Scotts deliver?

    Ben and Brooke have a maximum budget of $180,000, but the brothers say they can renovate the entryway, living room, dining space, and kitchen for just $160,000.

    In the end, Drew and Jonathan finish the renovation right on budget and right on time. The space also feels much larger for this family of five, and it’s now a functional party house, which will be perfect for the neighborhood’s beloved pizza nights.

    The modern farmhouse style may not be their usual routine, but the brothers do a great job of giving Brooke and Ben the farmhouse ambience they’ve been dreaming of.

    Take that, Chip and Joanna Gaines!

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