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    • The Property Brothers Go to the Dark Side—With Surprisingly ‘Sexy’ Results

    The Property Brothers Go to the Dark Side—With Surprisingly ‘Sexy’ Results


    “Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott know that most clients want homes that are bright, white, and airy—but on the latest “Celebrity IOU,” they make some daring decisions with their decor and go to the dark side.

    In the episode “LeAnn Rimes’ Lifesaving Thanks,” the brothers head to Sherman Oaks, CA, to help country music sensation LeAnn Rimes give her friend Roger a home upgrade. Rimes says Roger helped her through a tough time years ago, and now she wants to give back by treating him to an incredible indoor-outdoor entertaining space.

    Roger’s tastes, however, are well outside the norm, so the Scotts will have to head out of their comfort zone to get it right. Here’s how they pull it off, which contains plenty of lessons that might inspire some surprising changes around your own abode, too.

    Dark cabinets and counters can look dramatic

    Before: This kitchen had the dark style Roger likes, but with a dated feel and an awkward layout.


    When the Scott brothers walk into Roger’s kitchen, they notice the dark design, with moody wood cabinets. Rimes says she wants to continue this dramatic theme in the new kitchen design, so Jonathan suggests painted black cabinets.

    These would certainly give off a moody look, but Jonathan warns against pairing the cabinets with white counters.

    “If we did white counters with this, it might be a little bit too jarring because of the contrast,” he points out.

    Instead, they double down and pick a black stone slab for the counter and backsplash, giving the kitchen an extra chic vibe that looks great, but admittedly probably isn’t for everyone.

    LeAnn Rimes
    LeAnn Rimes helps Drew and Jonathan Scott demo the dated kitchen.


    “I would say 90% of kitchens we do, it ends up being lighter,” Drew says when working on the design for Roger’s kitchen. “But he’s got a bold, fun personality, and he should have a space that matches.”

    After: This kitchen is dark, but it looks fantastic.


    A large sliding door provides indoor-outdoor flow

    kitchen door
    Before: This kitchen door was fairly narrow.


    With the kitchen design in great shape, the brothers turn their attention to the back patio.

    They want to turn this petite entertaining space into an indoor-outdoor party zone. To do this, they start by opening up the back wall and adding an extra large slider. “Having that indoor-outdoor flow and plenty of light is key,” Jonathan says.

    They pick a slider that will completely collapse into the wall, making the indoor and outdoor spaces flow seamlessly.

    kitchen door
    After: Now, this kitchen door welcomes guests to the outdoors.


    Once the opening is widened and the door is installed, the brothers are impressed.

    “People sometimes have tiny, little glass sliders for their doors,” Drew says. “This is the mega. I mean, this is the kingpin of all sliders, and this is what this kitchen needs.”

    Wood paneling looks good inside and out

    Before: This patio feels like a basic, humdrum outdoor space.


    The Scott brothers want to make a lot of changes to the back deck, including updating the floorboards with modified pine, adding a stone fireplace, and replacing the barbecue with an outdoor kitchen.

    With such homey amenities, this already feels like an extension of the house. But to give this space an extra cozy feel, the brothers add a redwood slat wall behind the new counter space. This feature is cosmetic, but it makes a big difference.

    “It’s just adding interest behind the kitchen instead of just having a plain wall,” Drew says.

    Plus, Jonathan points out that the redwood will stand up to the weather well, making this wall an outdoor feature that will last for the long haul.

    accent wall
    After: The wood slat wall makes the back patio feel more homey.


    Don’t be afraid of using large tile designs in a small space

    bathroom tile
    This bathroom tile is a unique mix of dark and light.


    When Roger is entertaining family and friends, he’ll want to have a sophisticated powder room for his guests. So Drew and Jonathan redo his dated guest bathroom, adding a shower for convenience and replacing the floor tile with custom black and white rectangle tile.

    The tiles are relatively large, but they look great in this modest footprint.

    One member of the brothers’ design team notes that few would think to use this sort of style in a powder room: “A lot of people think small in a small bathroom, whereas this is huge in terms of the scale and it makes it feel so much more elevated.”

    A tight laundry area can still look chic

    LeAnn Rimes
    Rimes and Jonathan check out the tight kitchen/laundry space.


    When the Scott brothers first see Roger’s home, they’re disappointed to find the laundry machines in the kitchen. They note that it’s an odd space to do laundry, especially with Roger entertaining so much.

    Drew and Jonathan move the laundry to an entirely different part of the house—closer to the bedroom. They also give the space an elegant makeover, using dark cabinets and counters similar to the ones in the kitchen.

    When revealing the space, Jonathan says, “Who thought laundry could be sexy?”

    This laundry room is chic and dark like the kitchen.


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