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The Property Brothers Help Lisa Kudrow Create a Pet-Friendly Paradise at Home


Property brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott know that many homeowners today want to make their spaces comfortable for furry family members. And on the latest “Celebrity IOU,” they help “Friends” star Lisa Kudrow identify what a pet-friendly home truly needs.

In the Season 4 episode “Lisa Kudrow’s Condo Surprise,” Kudrow asks for help renovating her cousin Thea‘s West Hollywood, CA, condo. Thea adopts animals with a history of abuse and medical needs, and currently owns three dogs and three cats.

Read on to find out which pet-friendly features the property brothers love, and get ideas for revamping your home in ways that both animals and humans can enjoy together.

Pets do best with durable, easy-to-clean floors

tile floors
Before: These Spanish tile floors were dated and difficult to clean.


When Kudrow first shows Jonathan and Drew Thea’s condo, they all agree that the old Spanish tile floors need to be replaced. Not only are they dated, but they’re also uneven by design, which could make it difficult for old or unwell pets to move around. Plus, any house training accidents will be difficult to clean up.

“With this kind of floor, any staining will go right into it and it will sit within this tile,” Drew says.

new flooring
After: The new luxury vinyl looks like real hardwood but is easier to clean.


They replace the tile with more durable luxury vinyl planks, which the brothers know will make cleanup easy.

“She is always going to have animals that are on medication, and she’s going to be able to not worry about anything getting ruined or the smell lingering,” Kudrow says. “She can just wipe it up; it’s so much easier.”

Property Brothers and Lisa Kudrow
The property brothers and Lisa Kudrow surprise Thea with the updated space.


Ditch the cat tree for design-friendly pet features

These new shelves double as a beautiful cat-climbing area.


On one wall, the brothers decide to add some storage. And while, at first glance, it might look like just your average maple wood floating shelves, Jonathan designs them with cats in mind, with square holes in the wood that cats can climb through.

cat-friendly shelf
Holes make it easy for cats to climb up.


Kudrow helps install these shelves, and after the work is done, she’s seriously impressed.

“Come on, that’s fantastic,” she says of the cat-friendly feature. “And even if cats don’t play with it, they’re gorgeous shelves.”

Skip the sleek, modern fireplace finishes

dated fireplace
Before: This brick hearth made the fireplace look dated.


Pets, like humans, love to lounge by the fire, so Drew and Jonathan couldn’t finish this renovation without redoing the fireplace.

The brothers know not to finish the fireplace with anything too cold or perfect (after all, a sleek white marble would be hard to clean), so they go with a unique, dark look on the hearth.

“It’s a Roman clay finish. I love the look of it. It’s adding a bit of class, some style,” Drew says.

It’s also about adding texture, because as Drew and Kudrow apply the finish, Drew explains that they shouldn’t worry about it looking too even.

modern fireplace design
After: Drew Scott and Kudrow helped apply this Roman clay finish.


When the fireplace is done, it’s clear that the Roman clay was the right choice. The dark color and the texture add some coziness to the living room that’s perfect for cold nights.

Add a pee pad

back patio
Before: This back patio wasn’t a comfortable spot for animals.


Kudrow points out that sometimes, Thea’s pooches are on medication, so taking a trip downstairs and outside can be quite a feat. So the property brothers decide to install an elegant pet relief pad on the terrace that will make these dogs’ bathroom breaks easier.

pet relief area
Pet relief area


While a pee pad might seem like it would create an odor, the brothers make sure to minimize the smell by placing faux grass on a soft platform so it has good drainage.

“The dogs will want to be out here now,” Kudrow says. “If they’re going through a rough patch, you know, if they’re on any medication, and it’s so much easier to just bring them out here and they can go.”

patio cover
Patio cover


Given Kudrow is famed for singing “Smelly Cat,” it seems fitting that she’d relish knowing how to keep funky animal odors at bay.

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