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The Property Brothers Help Snoop Dogg Trick Out a Kitchen—Take a Look


Drew and Jonathan Scott have had some difficult clients, but on the latest “Celebrity IOU,” we discover that few raise the bar as high as Snoop Dogg does.

In the Season 4 episode “Snoop Dogg’s Winning Gift,” the rapper wants to give the commissioner of his youth football league, Khalil “Commish” Wadood, a garage upgrade for his Compton, CA, home. Snoop wants the Scott brothers of “Property Brothers” fame to transform this space into a dual man cave and office so Commish can work from home in style. And it turns out Snoop has quite an eye for design.

“You know what’s great about Snoop? Not only does he know exactly what Commish likes, but he also knows how to make a space like this both comfortable and cool,” Jonathan says. “And honestly, I’ve never seen someone more confident in their choices.”

Together, Drew, Jonathan, and Snoop design an amazing home office that doubles as a great place to kick back, for Commish and his whole football league.

“Commish has really changed the lives of a lot of kids, and I feel like this space is going to change his life,” Jonathan says.

Check out what they do, which might inspire some life-changing upgrades around your own abode, too.

Thermally modified spruce creates a chic exterior

Before: This detached garage didn’t look like much.


While Snoop and the property brothers plan to completely make over the inside of this old garage, they also know they’ll need to update the exterior. When Snoop and Jonathan look at materials, the rapper points out some thermally modified spruce, a dark wood with a leathered texture. Jonathan loves the idea of using this bold material.

“This stuff is really, really cool because you get this look almost like it’s been torched without it actually having been torched,” Jonathan says. “That would be cool to clad the whole exterior.”

gray garage
With new siding and doors, this looks less like a garage and more like a chic hangout.


The team also adds new lights, planters, and a sleek glass door.

The brothers are proud of the new exterior and how it matches Snoop’s vision for the interior.

“This is exactly what Snoop wanted,” Jonathan says. “He wanted to bring that black and white theme outside as well. This whole structure is going to make a statement.”

Tech can help you hide your stove and TV

This kitchen is sleek and efficient.


Inside, the brothers completely revamp the space, adding a dining area, lounge space, and kitchen. The design is sleek and masculine, with black cabinets and porcelain counters. However, Snoop doesn’t want this space to just look good—he also wants it to be luxurious and full of modern conveniences. When Jonathan suggests adding a mounted TV, Snoop isn’t impressed.

“That’s basic, though,” he says. “The wall mount is basic. You got to give me something, like, different.”

So Jonathan and Drew end up installing a sleek pop-up TV in the kitchen counter.

“We created a cavity in the countertop that’ll hold a full 60-inch, pop-up television that will blow Commish’s mind,” Jonathan says.

This counter even doubles as a stovetop.


The brothers also add a cooktop under the porcelain counter, creating a cooking surface that doubles as prep space.

“You won’t even see the cooktop. It’ll just look like a stone counter,” Jonathan explains. “That’s why I love induction, because there’s no other cooking technology where you can just have continuous counter, and we’re doing porcelain, too, so they never have to seal it. It’s going to be beautiful.”

Between the sleek TV and the hidden cooktop, this kitchen is tricked out with the latest technology.

An office space needs durable floors

Snoop Dogg and Jonathan Scott
Snoop Dogg and Jonathan Scott work hard on this renovation.


At first, Drew and Jonathan want to add some hardwood floors to this old garage, but eventually, they start to question this choice.

“We wanted it to feel warm and inviting,” Jonathan says. “But I feel like the more and more we think about it, there’s going to be a lot of traffic coming through here.”

“What we don’t want to do is build something beautiful and then it gets destroyed,” adds Snoop.

sleek floors
The brothers decided against wood flooring. It’s clear they made the right choice.


The three decide to do a treatment on the existing concrete floor, giving it a seamless stone finish. In the end, the floor looks sleek and it’s very durable. It shows that while wood flooring is a great option, it’s important to think of how a space will be used before choosing materials.

Incorporate your favorite team colors

Snoop Dogg and Jonathan Scott
Jonathan and Snoop decide on colors and materials.


Jonathan knows that it’s important to incorporate your favorite colors into a home renovation, whether it’s a bedroom or a detached garage office space. Snoop insists on incorporating the colors of Commish’s favorite football team into the design. So Jonathan brings some black and silver tiles.

“In the bathroom, as a nod to Commish’s favorite football team, the Raiders, we’re creating a stylish custom look with black and white marble tiles,” Jonathan says.

The black and silver bathroom tile matches Commish’s favorite football team.


Tiles look nicer than a concrete slab

Before: This backyard needed an update.


While the interior of this home is lovely, Snoop and the brothers know Commish will want to hang out outside as well.

“One thing Snoop really wanted to see was an indoor-outdoor flow for Commish, and we have the space to do that,” Drew says.

The brothers add a side door and create an elegant patio with gray and white pavers.

“Snoop loves Commish, and nothing here can be basic. He deserves the best of the best,” Drew says. “So we could have just poured a concrete slab. ‘There’s your patio!’ No, no, no, we had to add some style.”

back patio
After: This new patio is a stylish place to entertain.


Jonathan wants to put the pavers in a checkered pattern, tying to the black and white look of the bathroom. The tiles will look elegant and provide an extra space to hang out or meet with the rest of Snoop’s football league.

“We want everything to feel grand, that’s why we went with a larger-scale porcelain tile,” Jonathan says. “We also want to have a big enough space so if the whole football team is here, everybody has somewhere to stand.”

It’s a stylish alternative to a concrete slab that turns this backyard into a prime hangout spot.

checkered tile
These checkered white and gray tiles look lovely.


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