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    The Property Brothers Remove One Home Feature, and Wow, What a Difference!


    What do “Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott do when they have a ton of reno money to spend? The most recent episode of their HGTV show reveals all!

    In the latest episode, titled “Fit to Reno,” we meet a couple, Terin and Bryan. They’ve moved around a lot, but now they’re finally ready to settle into their dream home—and they have an all-in budget of $1.4 million to make that happen. Terin, though, keeps coming back to Jonathan with new (and expensive) requests for the house, and it becomes clear that $1.4 million might not be enough!

    Can the Scott brothers make this picky couple happy, while staying within their budget? Read on to find out how they turn an outdated house into a stunning oasis, and some lessons we can take home with us.

    Ditch the drapes to brighten up a space

    Terin knows she wants plenty of light in her new home, so when she and Bryan walk into the house they’ll eventually call home, she’s disappointed to see nothing but dark rooms. One room in particular, the sitting room, seems extra dingy and dark, and the heavy curtains left by previous owners don’t help.

    “I like the tall ceilings,” Terin says, “but those draperies could make one heck of an ’80s ballgown.”

    Luckily, the Scotts know just what to do. They take out the curtains that hide the tall, beautiful windows, then brighten up the space with off-white paint and put in light-colored furniture. It’s amazing how effortlessly this space went from dark and scary to light and airy.

    living room
    This space is so bright and beautiful!


    Add collapsing doors to a California room

    From the very beginning, Terin and Bryan have their hearts set on a California room—an outdoor space on a deck that can serve as a traditional living room. Jonathan puts in some gorgeous outdoor furniture and even a TV, but he knows this California room wouldn’t be the same without collapsing doors that lead out from the kitchen.

    These doors make the glamorous space seem even more open and inviting, creating great flow from inside the house to outside. Plus, they look great.

    “That is amazing,” Terin says, as Jonathan opens the doors. “I’ve never seen anything like that.”

    sliding doors
    These doors really help to create that indoor-outdoor flow.


    Include greenery, for added ambiance

    Terin and Bryan are excited about creating great flow from inside to outside, so the Scotts are sure to emphasize this effect with the decor. They take a corner of the kitchen and liven it up with some great plants. This simple and inexpensive detail really adds to the space. Not only does it smooth the transition from inside to outside, but it also decorates an otherwise underutilized corner of the room.

    “I love what you did in the corner there,” Terin says when she sees the finished product. “That’s perfect.”

    plants in kitchen
    These plants add a softening touch to the kitchen.


    Get a clean look with integrated appliances

    Bryan has told the Scotts that he likes spaces that are clean and uncluttered. So the brothers gave the kitchen an upgrade, with appliances that are tucked away and out of sight.

    Behind one cabinet door is a smoothie station, behind another, a coffee bar. A refrigerator even pulls out from the island.

    “What’s nice is everything has its place,” Bryan says, looking around the kitchen.

    And he’s right. The integrated appliances prove to be an amazing use of space, and leave the kitchen looking clean and sleek.

    Terin and Bryan are amazed by their new appliances.


    Make room for an eat-in kitchen

    This couple were excited to get a large kitchen island, but even the biggest island in the world couldn’t replace the charm of a dedicated spot for meals. So of course, Jonathan includes a perfect table with built-in bench seating in the nook overlooking the backyard.

    A fantastic spot for enjoying casual meals, with plenty of seating, it provides lots of room for guests. It’s the perfect addition to a great kitchen.

    eat-in kitchen
    This bench seating provides tons of space.


    Sometimes a house needs a classic fireplace

    From the beginning, Bryan and Terin make it clear that they don’t want their house to be too modern. In fact, they say, they wouldn’t mind a few classic touches. So, the Scotts take out the hearth that came with the house and replace it with a more classical-looking one.

    “The fireplace is amazing,” Terin says once it’s installed. “I love how it’s more of a traditional shape now.”

    In the end, the new fireplace proves a great choice. The clean white color brightens the room, and the simple, clean design adds elegance to the living room.

    This white fireplace has a classic appeal.


    Do the Scott brothers deliver?

    After some expensive upgrades and a few unexpected costs, the renovation ends up going $7,500 over budget—but the extra cost is well worth it. Terin and Bryan are thrilled with their finished home.

    “This is beautiful,” Terin says when she first steps into her new house.

    Bryan couldn’t agree more, adding, “Resort living at home—it’s amazing.”

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