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    The Property Brothers Reveal 8 Things Your Yard Needs Right Now

    Jason Mendez / Contributor / Getty Images

    With summer going strong and social distancing still in effect, you’re probably spending more time than ever in your yard, on your balcony, or otherwise getting a breath of fresh air in whatever outdoor space your home has.

    But is your outdoor area as relaxing as it can be? If you feel it could stand for a few more creature comforts, the “Property Brothers” stars have plenty of ideas to help you ride out the rest of your COVID-19 summer in style.

    Whether you have acres to play with or only a tiny outdoor deck and a few bucks for improvements, Drew and Jonathan Scott have been providing plenty of inspiration for outdoor makeovers on their various shows, from their original “Property Brothers” to “Brother vs. Brother” to “Celebrity IOU.”

    Read on to check out some features the Scott brothers often include in their yards and outdoor spaces, and learn why these upgrades can make the rest of your coronavirus summer so much better.

    1. A deck—and a railing

    Jonathan Scott’s deck looks lovely with the dark railing.


    Having a deck is the foundation for enjoying your outdoor space more, since it serves as a platform for furniture, rugs, and other furnishings. (It also keeps your feet mud-free.)

    But a deck alone can pose a hazard, which is why the Scotts often add a railing. Not only will a railing keep guests safe, but Jonathan proves that the right railing can also bring a sophisticated look to the yard.

    As Jonathan explains in the above makeover, where he added a sleek glass railing with black trim, “My exterior design plan really pops in the huge backyard.”

    2. A comfortable chair or two

    This patio is small but beautiful.


    While some backyards are big and beautiful, not everyone has that much space. But that doesn’t matter as long as you have furniture made for lounging. Deep cushions make this small yet mighty patio the perfect place to kick back with a book and take in some sun.

    3. A privacy wall

    back yard
    It’s hard to believe this privacy wall was an accident.


    Have nosy neighbors you’d rather not be able to wave to while you’re soaking in your Jacuzzi? Then you’ll be delighted to know that yards can have walls, too. At around 6 feet tall, privacy walls can be better than a fence if you’re craving a more secluded retreat.

    They can be made out of anything—in the above reno, Drew repurposed wood from an old fence. He then decorated the wall with some artwork to give the yard an even more “indoor” feel.

    4. A pergola

    outdoor kitchen
    The Scott brothers made the perfect outdoor kitchen.


    If your yard is too big, it can end up looking a bit dull. The solution? A pergola—a roofed structure that helps add shade and definition to a large space.

    “When you have a space like this, it could just be a wide, open, kind of a boring space, even if you finish the surfaces nicely,” Jonathan explains. “Having stuff that anchors each separate space is important.”

    5. Plants, trees, and other greenery

    back yard
    The trees make all the difference in this sitting area.


    No matter how much furniture or amenities you add, no outdoor space will feel lush and relaxing without some greenery. As such, the Scotts always make sure to plant trees and shrubs—or, lacking ground space, they’ll put down some potted plants.

    6. A fire pit

    fire pit
    A fire pit adds warmth for enjoying the outdoors year-round.

    Jimi Smith / HGTV

    Wish you could enjoy your yard long after summer’s over and a chill has entered the air? A fire pit is the answer. Many double as tables, and can be hooked right up to your property’s gas line.

    “Now you can just party all summer, party all winter, whatever you want,” Drew notes.

    7. A TV, fireplace, or any other indoor amenity

    california room
    This California room looks stunning.


    Who says an outside space has to feel rustic?

    This may explain why the Scott brothers often add indoor amenities like couches, rugs, a fireplace, or even a TV. Granted, you’ll want to make sure any electronics are protected from the elements by adding a roof. Or, you can install sliding or accordion doors that open wide to create more indoor-outdoor flow.

    8. A few resortlike touches

    Drew’s pool isn’t large, but the high-end features make it look luxurious.


    While swimming pools are nice, the Scotts always try to take them to the next level. In one renovation, they added fountains and two lounge chairs right on the water’s edge. This made the space feel more like a hotel than just a home.

    As Jonathan says, “I would spend as much time outside as you possibly can.”

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