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    The Property Brothers Reveal a Kitchen Trend Many Haven’t Even Seen


    Drew and Jonathan Scott are pros at spotting hot new trends, and they include a real zinger in the kitchen they renovate on the latest episode of “Property Brothers: Forever Home.”

    On the “Old Neighborhood, New House” episode, Kerri and Andrew are excited to raise their four young kids in their new home in Toronto. It’s already a beautiful home and in a great neighborhood (near where Kerri grew up), but the space still needs lots of work. With outdated finishes and closed-off rooms, the brothers know they need to make this house feel more like a forever home.

    Read on to see how the brothers update this space, and get some tips on easy upgrades you can do to your own home!

    A staircase should feel grand

    These carpeted steps screamed “outdated.”


    Kerri and Andrew explain that they fell in love with their new house, in part, because of the entryway. With a grand staircase and high ceilings, the space is designed well. The only problem? Dated finishes.

    With out-of-date railings and carpeted steps, the stairs have an old-fashioned look, so Jonathan and Drew get to work bringing this entryway into the 21st century.

    This staircase got a big upgrade!


    They install new railings, refinish the handrails, and take out that pesky carpet. When renovations are finally finished, the brothers are able to welcome Kerri and Andrew into a grand entryway that looks wonderfully modern.

    Dark cabinets work great in bright kitchens

    With dark cabinets and dark counters, this kitchen needed something to brighten it up.


    Kerri and Andrew aren’t big fans of white cabinets, so the Scott brothers know to choose something more colorful for their kitchen. Since the space is so large, the brothers decide on deep-green cabinetry along with white countertops.

    “When you’ve got all that bright, light, open space,” Drews explains, “you can create some amazing contrast with a darker tone of wood or bold color on the kitchen cabinetry.”

    These green cabinets are perfect for this kitchen.


    In the end, the kitchen has a gorgeous mix of light and dark, with the green giving the space a moody feel and the white counters keeping it looking fresh.

    The next hot kitchen trend: 3D backsplashes

    This stylish backsplash adds texture to the kitchen.


    With beautiful cabinets and elegant countertops, the brothers know that Andrew and Kerri will need an elegant yet unique backsplash to finish the kitchen.

    The Scott brothers deliver with a style of tile that’s so new, many may not even be aware that it exists: 3D tile. This type of tile is textured rather than flat, adding an interesting look and feel to a backsplash.

    “The final piece to pull this kitchen together will be the backsplash,” Jonathan says. “This 3D rhombus tile will be a great contrast to our saturated green cabinetry.”

    When Kerri and Andrew finally see their new kitchen, they love the new backsplash.

    “It’s flawless,” Kerri says.

    Create a dining room that isn’t too formal

    dining room
    Even big windows couldn’t save this closed-off space.


    When Kerri and Andrew first show the brothers their new home, they explain that they aren’t happy with the dining room. It’s closed off and dark, and the dark wood table they have in the room makes the space feel even more gloomy.

    Drew and Jonathan know that this young family needs a dining space that’s more bright, more open, and much less formal. The brothers want the area to be elegant enough for entertaining, but still kid-friendly.

    dining room
    This dining space is light, bright, and beautiful.


    The brothers’ first step is to open up the dining space by breaking down the walls. Then they add brightness with fun purple curtains, a cozy area rug, and a round table that can fit the whole family.

    With a light wood tone to complement the new wood floors and green chairs to match the kitchen cabinets, this table is perfect for the family to gather around.

    “This round table is perfect,” Kerri says.

    Choose show-stopping light fixtures

    These lights make the kitchen look even brighter.


    With a new dining area and a new kitchen, Drew and Jonathan know that these spaces will need new lighting. For the dining room, they choose a modern silver chandelier that Kerri and Andrew admit they wouldn’t have bought themselves, but love it now that it’s in the space.

    In the kitchen, the brothers go for a more conventional, homey vibe with rounded lighting fixtures that make the space feel bright and soft.

    “All the lighting is fabulous,” Kerri says. “It makes the place so bright and airy.”

    How much do the Scott brothers spend?

    Kerri and Andrew have a big house and, luckily, a big budget to go with it. They can spend a max of $200,000, but the brothers say they can renovate the living room, dining room, and kitchen for just $190,000.

    However, the Scotts end up going $2,500 over their intended budget when Andrew asks them to surprise Kerri with a second living space at the front of the house. Still, the total of $192,500 is well under the family’s max budget.

    In the end, Drew and Jonathan do a great job updating this house and making it feel like a forever home.

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