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    The Property Brothers Reveal a White-Hot Kitchen Trend That’s on Its Way Out


    Drew and Jonathan Scott often help families who need more room for their growing family. But in the latest episode of “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” they meet clients who need the opposite—a space that the kids can grow out of instead.

    On this episode, titled “Raise the Kids, Ignore the House” a Toronto couple, Vanessa and Michael, explain that their two boys are growing up. In fact, their oldest son is about to graduate from high school.

    These soon-to-be empty nesters want a modern, updated space that they can enjoy for themselves, but also want the home to be a spot that their kids (and future grandkids) will love to visit.

    But with a long to-do list and a roof that’s in desperate need of repair, Jonathan and Drew quickly realize that their renovation budget is going to be tight. Can the Scott brothers create a home that this family will love while staying on budget?

    Read on to find out what happens—and to glean some of the Scotts’ top renovation tips this week.

    An all-white kitchen might not be all right

    All-white kitchens have been all the rage for a while, but if this latest episode is to be believed, this trend might be on its way out. Although Vanessa and Michael love the idea of a light, bright kitchen, they don’t want to go too white. Instead, they want to incorporate different tones and colors.

    To strike a balance, the brothers mix in gray kitchen cabinets with white countertops and a sleek white slab backsplash. This combo makes the kitchen look clean and modern, but not too stark. The gray cabinets add a two-tone style that’s echoed in the living area. Together, they flow well and look great.

    Plain white kitchens might be on the decline after this two-tone look.


    A roof won’t last forever—especially in the sun

    Michael and Vanessa have lived in their home for years, so it’s understandable that some parts of the house need an update just because of normal wear and tear.

    Still, the Scotts are surprised when they see the state of the roof. One side isn’t so bad, but the half that gets more sun is a mess. After inspecting it, the brothers realize that the roof has to be replaced.

    Luckily, this doesn’t discourage the Scott brothers. Instead, they decide to focus on the benefit of a beautiful new roof, celebrating the upgrade by pairing the new roof with a black front door, which gives the exterior the two-tone style Vanessa and Michael love.

    This gray roof looks great with the front door.


    A living room should feel … livable

    Michael, Vanessa, and their kids hate the living room. It’s dark and the furniture in the room is uncomfortable. It’s no surprise that the family never uses it. It’s up to Drew and Jonathan to make this living room a place people truly want to hang.

    To change it up, the brothers paint the walls, going from a deep orange to white, then swap out the boring, uncomfortable furniture for a big, plush couch. They’re simple fixes, but they go a long way.

    When the couple finally get to see their living room, they’re amazed.

    “It feels so open, so bright in here,” Vanessa says.

    living room
    White walls and some new furniture make all the difference in this living room.


    Closets look better with organization—and doors

    When the Scotts peer into this family’s hall closet, they see that it is cramped, disorganized, and doesn’t even have a door! So they expand the closet space and upgrade it with a closet organization system. To finish it off, they add sleek white doors with black handles.

    The entryway makes an important first impression

    To feel warm and welcoming, a home has to have a great entryway. Unfortunately, Michael and Vanessa’s house is lacking in this area.

    When the Scotts first tour Vanessa and Michael’s home, they find that the front door opens to a small set of stairs that lead up to the living room, and those stairs are blocked off and hidden away by a half-wall. Of course, the couple can’t wait to change it.

    Luckily, the brothers know just what to do.

    For starters, they make the entryway feel less like a cave by taking out the half-wall and putting in a translucent glass handrail. Then, they upgrade the floor by putting in a gray tile to add some color and contrast.

    In the end, Michael and Vanessa both love the upgrade. The two admire the new finishes, but it’s the open sightlines that really excite Vanessa, who says it “doesn’t feel like a tunnel anymore.”

    This entryway no longer feels dark and blocked off.


    So, do the Scotts deliver?

    This house goes from dark and drab to bright and beautiful right before our eyes. With just a few key changes, the living room lightens up, the entryway improves, and the kitchen gets a style the family loves.

    Of course, no renovation is without its problems, and the Scott brothers end up needing to spend an extra $5,000 on the new roof. Still, they manage to fix up the house for $115,000, so the extra costs fit right into the family’s overall budget of $120,000.

    Now, this house has become a beautiful, modern forever home—a perfect place for this changing family.

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