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    The Property Brothers Reveal How To Make a Small House Feel Huge


    Drew and Jonathan Scott have a talent for creating functional homes for families—but on the latest “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” they confront a house that’s so small, they aren’t sure what they can do with it.

    On the episode titled “Forty-Year Home,” Toronto couple Freda and Eric want to make their compact home work for their family of four forever. But their long list of must-haves might be impossible in such a cramped space.

    Can the Scott brothers squeeze in everything on this family’s list? Read on to learn the creative way they pull it off, which might inspire you to make a few changes around the house, too.

    Choose tiles with complementary designs

    This entryway is extra stylish.


    When Drew walks Freda and Eric through an “inspiration home” to get a sense of their tastes, he learns that Freda likes fun, patterned tile. So, Jonathan chooses a geometric gray and white tile backsplash to bring some personality into their new kitchen.

    The backsplash looks fantastic, so when it comes time to pick a tile for the front entryway, Drew and Jonathan decide on a pattern that complements the backsplash. In the end, it looks great and, of course, Eric and Freda appreciate the tile pairing.

    “It has the same sort of look and feel as the front as well,” Eric says. “It ties everything together.”

    Open shelves in the kitchen feel more spacious

    These shelves are beautiful and practical.


    Freda and Eric love wood tones and, like any family with kids, they love storage as well. So why not combine these two passions by installing some wood-tone open shelving in the kitchen?

    The shelves give Freda and Eric easy access to dishes while cooking, and they keep the small space feeling open. After breaking down a wall to give this kitchen an open concept, the brothers want to avoid overwhelming the space with too many bulky cabinets. The open shelving is a great storage hack for a small kitchen.

    Blond wood floors make a home feel large and new

    These hardwood floors look fantastic!


    Lots of people move into an old home, rip up the carpet, and find gorgeous wood floors hiding underneath. But that isn’t the case for Eric and Freda.

    Years ago, when they moved in and pulled the carpet up in their living room, they found nothing but old, ugly hardwood that perhaps made them wish they’d kept the carpet. Since then, they’ve been living with the ugly wood floors, desperately needing something new.

    Jonathan and Drew are determined to give this family some hardwood floors to be proud of, so they install new wood flooring all the way from the living room to the kitchen. The new floors look amazing, and make the entire house feel fresh, new, and spacious.

    Make a tiny mudroom

    mud room
    This mudroom is small but functional.


    At the start of renovation, Jonathan and Drew gave Freda and Eric the option to build a mudroom by the back door. However, these homeowners decided against it. With such a small home, they decided to focus more on making a bigger living space and less on organization.

    Still, the brothers know Eric and Freda need some space to store the kids’ shoes and coats when they come inside, so they build a compact version of a mudroom by the back door. This space includes a large cabinet, shoe cubbies, and a bench perfect for putting on and taking off shoes. It’s stylish, functional, and doesn’t take up too much space.

    Get creative to add a powder room

    Drew and Jonathan are able to find a spot for this compact powder room.


    Freda and Eric have one big must-have on their wish list: a powder room on the first floor. With two young kids, the family members are having a hard time going all the way upstairs whenever it’s time to use the bathroom. Plus, they know that visiting friends and family might find it inconvenient to have to climb the stairs to use the restroom.

    But with such a small living space, this must-have looks like it might be difficult to pull off.

    Luckily, with some creative thinking, Jonathan comes up with a plan to put a compact restroom next to the kitchen, squeezing in a sink and toilet, then installing a pocket door.

    Despite its small size, this room adds a lot of functionality to the home.

    Do the Scott brothers deliver?

    With a $150,000 budget and limited space, the brothers aren’t sure they can give this family everything on their wish list. Yet after breaking down a brick wall, upgrading the kitchen, and building a bathroom, the brothers are able to turn this small living space into a functional dream home with an open concept and a modern style.

    And the best part? They do it all under budget. When the kitchen’s dividing wall comes down, the brothers realize that they don’t need a steel support beam they’d budgeted for. This saves them $9,000, bringing the renovation price down to $141,000. It’s a beautiful renovation at a great price.

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