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    The Property Brothers Reveal One Color That Makes Them Cringe


    Drew and Jonathan Scott always aim to please their clients. But on the latest episode of “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” we see how that can be a challenge when your client is only 6 years old.

    In the episode titled “A Forever Home for Avery,” homeowners Sam and Jeremy want to update their house into a home that their young daughter, Avery, can grow in to and enjoy well into her teenage years, and beyond. Of course, little Avery can’t wait to get involved, drawing up her own floor plans and giving Drew and Jonathan her own list of (sometimes questionable) must-haves.

    Read on to find out how the Scott brothers deliver, and what we can all learn that might be great ideas to try in your own home, too.

    Busy tile should be used as an accent—not the whole floor

    This tile is nice, but there’s too much of it.


    Sam and Jeremy’s kitchen is outdated and closed off, but the brothers point out one redeeming style choice: the floor tile. It’s a fun, patterned tile with lots of color. The only problem is that there’s too much of it.

    Jonathan points out that it would be a great tile for an accent detail—the floor just isn’t the right place for such a busy look.

    “To have your entire kitchen with these floors and these color oak cabinets,” Jonathan says, “it feels a little dated.”

    When it comes to the backsplash, the brothers end up choosing a much more subtle white tile that looks great, even in large doses. It’s simple white but has some texture to stand out.

    “I love the texture in the backsplash,” Jeremy says, “it’s got, like, this curvature to it. I think that’s really cool.”

    Make the oven vent hood look like wood

    This vent hood looks great with the flooring.


    The Scotts know right away that they’ll need to replace this home’s floors with some beautiful hardwood, and once it’s installed, it looks amazing! In fact, the floors look so good that the brothers decide to tie the vent hood into this clean, fresh look. So, they choose a wood tone color that goes well with the flooring.

    Of course, the family loves the sleek and stylish design. Jeremy even points out that the vent hood complements the flooring and “ties it all together really nicely.”

    There’s a right way and a wrong way to add color to a kitchen

    These cabinets bring some great color to the space.


    Sam and Jeremy know they want some color in their kitchen, and Jonathan and Drew say that’s a good idea.

    “If a kitchen is big and bright, then there’s no need to be afraid of color,” Drew says.

    Bt there’s a right way and a wrong way to add color. Avery’s suggestion of a pink countertop, while cute, makes them cringe.

    So what’s the right color dose? The brothers end up picking beautiful blue-gray cabinets with black hardware, which add some color but not too much.

    Include storage in sneaky places

    This storage solution doesn’t look very organized.


    Storage is always important, but it seems extra storage is especially important for this family.

    When the brothers first tour Jeremy and Sam’s kitchen, they’re surprised to see commercial storage racks lining the kitchen wall.

    “When you have commercial storage racks in your kitchen, you know you’re lacking storage,” Drew says.

    So, the brothers are sure to include lots of cabinets and drawers—not just in the kitchen, but nearby in the dining area, too.

    To this family’s delight, there’s lots of room for storage on the sides and underneath the bench seat where people eat, which means this family can say goodbye to their old (and unsightly) stainless-steel storage racks.

    Give your bathroom a glow-up

    This bathroom needed an update.


    While the brothers focus most of their attention on Sam and Jeremy’s first-floor living area, they also update their upstairs bathroom.

    The room is outdated with its dark-blue floor tile and strange star print on the vanity. It’s definitely time for an upgrade.

    The family want their bathroom to be like a spa, while still having some personality. So, the brothers renovate this bathroom with modern floor tile and a wood-tone accent cabinet. The new vanity, which is clean and white, feels like a more grown-up version of the original.

    All in all, this bathroom is a perfect blend of stylish and spa luxe.

    This bathroom now looks beautiful!


    Do the Scott brothers deliver?

    The brothers do a great job fixing up this family home for Sam, Jeremy, and Avery. With a total budget of $150,000 to renovate the living space and bathroom, the brothers say they can do all the work in just seven weeks for $142,000.

    Drew and Jonathan deliver a gorgeous new living room, a stylish kitchen, and a lovely new bathroom right on budget. Of course, the family is thrilled with the result—especially young Avery.

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