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    The Property Brothers Reveal One Easy Way to Glam Up Your Home


    Drew and Jonathan Scott of “Property Brothers” have seen a whole lot of luxury homes, but in the latest episode, they hang out in what could be one of the most lavish houses of all—the Liberace mansion!

    Only they aren’t there (God forbid!) to overhaul Liberace’s signature over-the-top style. Instead, they kick back in their sweet surroundings to reminisce. In this special “Property Brothers Double Down” episode, titled “Striking the Right Chord,” they look back at a project from their past—the time they helped a musician couple, Aben and Ashley, create their dream home in Nashville, TN.

    This dream doesn’t come together easily. Read on for the Property Brothers’ recollections on what goes wrong, and how they save the day (and teach us a ton in the process).

    White paint opens up a space

    Ashley and Aben want a big kitchen, and Jonathan delivers by making the already large kitchen look even larger, with a long row of beautiful white cabinets. These cabinets pair nicely with the white tile backsplash and the dark countertops, creating a glamorous look.

    When Aben and Ashley finally see their new kitchen, they’re blown away. “This kitchen is pure glam—it’s modern, it’s sexy,” Ashley says.

    This kitchen is big and bright.


    Gold decor amps up the glam factor

    The Property Brothers prove that it’s all about the details when it comes to this Nashville home. To give the home a little shine, they add gold handles to the kitchen cabinets, a gorgeous gold light fixture, and other gold accents to make the look really pop. These gold touches are simple and easy to add, but they make all the difference.

    Make use of tight spaces

    As Jonathan works hard to craft the perfect kitchen, Aben seems to be most concerned about his coffee station.

    Luckily, the Property Brothers don’t forget Aben’s coffee fix, and set aside some counter space for a brand-new coffee maker. Complete with some sleek black shelves placed above and a spot to hang some coffee cups, the corner is the perfect spot for Aben to make a good cup of joe.

    This coffee counter proves to be a great use of kitchen space. This little bit of countertop beside the refrigerator might not be ideal (usually homeowners would probably prefer one longer strip of countertop rather than two smaller ones). Moving the fridge over, though, would have made it a tight fit going in and out of the pantry. Luckily, a coffee machine fits in this small nook perfectly, checking a “must-have” off Drew and Jonathan’s list while making a highly functional kitchen.

    And, perhaps most importantly, the space is Aben-approved. “This is amazing,” Aben says, when he sees the finished product.

    coffee corner
    This coffee station fits in nicely.


    Add black to white window frames to make them pop

    There’s so much light in this home’s living room, thanks to the many beautiful windows. The large windows, paired with white curtains, make the space feel light and lovely. But it’s one window feature in particular that proves to be the focus of the room.

    The nine rectangular windows stacked together provide plenty of light and a view, but they need … well, something. So Jonathan and Drew come up with the perfect solution: a hint of black paint on the window frames. This easy addition pulls the look of the house together, pairing the light and bright design with the funky feel the new homeowners want.

    These windows are a blend of classic and edgy.


    If you’ve got a backyard, show it off

    Part of the reason Ashley and Aben had chosen this house was the great backyard. So, why not celebrate the outdoor space by expanding the deck? With a great view and a new redwood stain to give the wood a bold look, the deck is an unforgettable feature.

    Sure enough, when Aben and Ashley see the backyard, they’re stunned. “That is a deck!” Aben says.

    property brothers deck
    The homeowners can truly enjoy the outdoors with this deck.


    Do the Property Brothers deliver?

    While this house may have been a tricky renovation, Drew and Jonathan admit that, looking back, it was a masterpiece worth reliving. We think Liberace would approve!

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