The Property Brothers Reveal One Outdated Home Feature You Can’t Always Ditch


    “Property Brothers” stars Jonathan and Drew Scott have helped home buyers who are keen to find new digs fast, but in the latest episode of their HGTV series they face a real rush.

    In the episode titled “Family Fun House,” Susy, Scott, and their three adorable young kids are currently living in a tiny hotel room. They’d sold their house in 24 hours—much faster than they expected—so as you can imagine, they hope to settle into their new home as soon as humanly possible!

    And it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for Drew to find a home that suits this Nashville, TN, family’s needs, which include a flat yard, room for entertaining, and a screened porch so the mosquitoes don’t feast on Susy, as they’re prone to do. They have a $1.1 million budget, which opens a lot of doors (literally).

    Jonathan’s the one with the challenge on his hands. Since the family is living in an expensive hotel, he needs to finish the rehab of the 4,000-square-foot home they fall in love with ASAP, to save the family’s budget and sanity. And since they get the home after much negotiation for $930,000, Jonathan has only $170,000 to renovate all that space. Can he swing that sledgehammer to achieve what he’s promised?

    As the Scott brothers attempt to fulfill their clients’ wishes in record time, they delivery some fabulous remodeling tips that could inspire us all. Here’s what we learned this week.

    Ditch the faux marble columns

    “Welcome to Rome!” Drew exclaims as he ushers the family into an expansive, high-ceilinged great room with a line of neoclassical columns. It’s a fabulous space, but those columns are so ’80s. They will be the first things to go, unless, of course they are load-bearing…

    Replace columns with a floating media center

    The columns are unevenly placed, so that’s a tipoff that at least some of them are, indeed, load-bearing. And sure enough, they are! A steal support beam that runs the length of the massive room would cost a whopping $15,000, so that’s not an option.

    Alas, these columns are a home feature they just can’t ditch, at least not completely. So instead, Jonathan suggests replacing some of those support pillars with a floating media center.

    “If you didn’t know that it needed to be there, you’d think it was a natural part of the design,” says Jonathan. It looks fantastic, and breaks up the room nicely, making it more intimate. Nice move, guys!

    Property Brothers
    The floating media wall replaces unsightly columns


    Demo is for kids, too

    Demolition is not all about swinging sledgehammers through walls and ripping off old cabinets. A great job for kids is ripping and rolling up old carpet. Susy and Scott’s kids have a fun time with this, and feel like they’re part of the project.

    Update a piano with paint

    The previous owners of the house had left behind an old brown piano, presumably because it was too much of a hassle to move. Rather than trash it, Jonathan says, “even the piano is getting an update!” He does this by painting it gray to match the rest of the music/media room, then he gets it tuned. Voila! What’s old is new again, and it sounds fantastic!

    Property Brothers
    Painting the piano made it fit in perfectly with the rest of the room.


    Beware of flat roofs

    There’s a flat roof over the back porch extension of the new house, and Jonathan finds out just how impractical that is when it starts raining. The water pools on top and leaks down onto the new floor they’re preparing to install.

    “You want there to be a pitch so that the water sheds away,” says Jonathan. Before he goes any further with the flooring, he must put on a new porch roof that slants away from the house.

    Graphite black is a hot accent color

    “I’ve never thought about black cabinets,” says Scott when Jonathan suggests them for the kitchen. But Jonathan convinces Scott and Susy that not only will they look stylish, but they’ll also carry the theme of black window and door panes throughout the rest of the house. It seems black window panes on white walls are trés chic these days, as are black kitchen cabinets with white countertops.

    Property Brothers
    Graphite black is a popular color for kitchen cabinets and window and door frames.


    Screened porches can be hip

    When many people think of a screened porch, they envision that tacky afterthought loosely attached to the back of Grandma’s house. But Jonathan is aware that almost invisible screens that silently descend into place can turn an outdoor porch into a mosquito-free haven with the touch of a button. He adds screens and gorgeous decor to the back porch, and the family immediately see how it can easily become one of the most used rooms in the house.

    Property Brothers
    A stylish screened porch


    Do Jonathan and Drew deliver?

    To give Jonathan time to complete the renovation, Scott, Susy, and the kids move out of their hotel and in with friends for a spell. But it’s time well-spent: The new house is even better than the family had imagined, and Jonathan brings it in right on budget. At long last, the family can stretch their legs!

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