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    The Property Brothers Reveal One Thing Every Dream Home Needs on ‘Celebrity IOU’


    “Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott are used to helping stars treat their friends and family to home makeovers on their latest HGTV series, “Celebrity IOU.” But they’ll have to get ready for an especially emotional renovation when actress Viola Davis surprises her best friend with the home renovation of her dreams.

    On the “Viola Delivers a Dream Home” episode, the brothers meet the “How to Get Away With Murder” star in Minneapolis, where Davis’ dear friend of 30 years, Michelle, lives with her family. While Michelle’s house may be the site of many fun gatherings, the space isn’t exactly ideal for entertaining—nor is it quite the relaxing oasis Davis thinks her friend deserves.

    Read on to learn how Davis and the Scott brothers make this home the perfect space for entertaining, working from home, and more—and how some of these ideas might be worth trying in your own home, too.

    Viola Davis
    Viola Davis knows that this old kitchen needs an update.


    Every dream home should have a fireplace

    This fireplace welcomes everyone into the living room.


    So what’s the one thing the brothers think every dream home needs? A fireplace.

    Drew explains that a fireplace can make a living room feel more welcoming, and it turns out he’s right! With a marble surround and mirror above, this warm feature definitely makes the living room feel cozier.

    Davis shows off a record player feature hidden in the built-ins.


    They also add some floating shelves to either side, framing the fireplace and making the space much more functional. In the end, this fireplace with built-ins transforms the living room into a relaxing sitting room the family will certainly use all the time.

    Add a pop of color to a kitchen peninsula

    Viola Davis
    Davis enjoys the peninsula with Michelle and the Scott brothers.


    Davis wants Michelle’s space to be clean and fresh, but she doesn’t want the design to be stark white. So the brothers agree to add a big pop of color on the kitchen’s new peninsula. They lay a blue, ridged panel over the peninsula that not only gives the space some color, but also adds some much-needed texture. It’s a fun alternative to more traditional accent paint or tile—and looks amazing.

    This kitchen, with the peninsula, looks incredible!


    Wood accents add a warm, earthy feel

    Viola Davis
    Davis and Jonathan Scott look over some design samples.


    While the blue peninsula gives this house some serious personality, Davis is determined to bring some extra color into the kitchen. However, she doesn’t want to compromise on the light and airy design she knows Michelle would love. So, the brothers come up with an idea to incorporate some wood tones to break up the white design.

    Drew and Jonathan use maple for the pantry and fridge surround, then finish the kitchen with white oak accents in the cabinets, which match the built-ins around the fireplace.

    These wood tones help give the kitchen a little extra color without being too bold. They provide an earthy feel that fulfills Davis’ peaceful and relaxed design vision.

    Choose lighting fixtures that complement each other

    dining room
    This chandelier looks amazing over this elegant dining table.


    In order to fit plenty of cabinets into this small kitchen, Drew and Jonathan have to take out one kitchen window. While they compensate by widening a different kitchen window, they know that Davis wants this space to be as light and bright as possible, so they’re sure to add some stylish lighting.

    The gorgeous gold pendant lights above the peninsula are a beautiful addition to this kitchen, but the chandelier above the dining table is also an incredible piece. It’s gold, complementing the lights above the peninsula, plus it brings a more sophisticated style to the dining space.

    Replace that traditional office desk with a counter

    This wall-length desk is a stylish feature.


    Davis already knows that Michelle’s kitchen and living room need a good update, but she decides that Michelle also deserves a good office space to top off this renovation.

    One of the great features the brothers decide to include in this space is a wall-length stone counter that’s big enough for both Michelle and her husband to have plenty of workspace.

    While a traditional office setup might include two bulky desks, this chic office design fills up the room with lots of practical surface area and plenty of sleek design.

    Is this ‘Celebrity IOU’ a success?

    Once the brothers finally finish up this renovation, Davis is thrilled with the results. The bright, serene design is exactly what she’d hoped for.

    Finally, the team invites Michelle back home, and as soon as she walks in the door, it’s clear that she’s delighted with the transformation. From the brand-new fireplace to the sleek kitchen to the incredible office space, she loves it all.

    In just five weeks, Davis and the Scott brothers bring some real star quality to this outdated family house, making this “Celebrity IOU” a major success!

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