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    The Property Brothers Reveal Surprising Spots in a Home to Add Storage

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    Drew and Jonathan Scott know that storage is important in a home, but in the latest episode of “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” it’s more like a life or death imperative!

    In the “Forever Home Family Tradition” episode, Toronto couple Dominic and Amy say that they need more room to stash all of their stuff for their two young boys. But since their place is so cramped, where will it all go?

    Luckily, the Scott brothers know they can find a creative way to carve out more storage, but this renovation won’t be easy. There are some very big problems with this house, including asbestos in the floor, a closed-up floor plan, and one very odd kitchen appliance.

    Can the brothers find more room as they check off everything else on the couple’s list? Find out how they pull it off, and learn some great tips you can put to good use in your own abode.

    Updated kitchen appliances are a must-have

    Updated appliances make a kitchen much more efficient.


    When the Scott brothers first see Amy and Dominic’s home, they can’t believe what they find in the kitchen. They’ve seen moving islands before, but a moving dishwasher? Now that’s strange. It’s clear that this kitchen needs better appliances.

    So, Drew and Jonathan are sure to update this room with a stainless-steel fridge, gorgeous new stove, and top-loading microwave. This update alone does so much for Amy and Dominic’s kitchen, making it feel much more updated and easy to use.

    It’s OK to compromise sightlines for storage

    This pantry space is behind Amy and Dominic’s new and improved hall closet. Combined, it’s a great use of space.


    When first planning the renovation, Drew and Jonathan give the couple two options: They can either build a closet and pantry near the entrance, or take down that wall and give them better sightlines from the kitchen to the living room.

    It’s a tough decision, but Amy and Dominic decide to create more closet and pantry space. And it’s lucky they do, because when Jonathan and Drew are finished, the space looks amazing.

    The closet in the entryway makes for a perfect place to put coats, and the pantry space is much needed in the family’s updated kitchen. Although the couple won’t get to see every inch of the living room from the kitchen, the home is still much more open than it was when they started—and that’s a big improvement.

    Add some color

    living room
    This colorful living space is perfect for a vibrant young family.


    When Drew takes Amy and Dominic to see a newly renovated home for inspiration, their response is lukewarm. They don’t love the sleek, modern design with tons of black and white. They tell Drew that they’re more interested in having some honest-to-god color in their home.

    While the modern black and white look can be great, a home with tasteful bursts of color is more fitting for this family with two young kids. So, that’s just what Drew and Jonathan give them. The brothers expertly pair yellows with blues and grays in the living room and dining space, giving it all a light and airy feel.

    In the kitchen, Jonathan went colorful and bold with gorgeous blue cabinetry and a blue accent wall. These colors make the kitchen really pop—and it looks amazing.

    Go bold with dark counters with white veining

    Black countertops go great with these blue cabinets.


    While Dominic and Amy may have wanted to stay away from the modern, black and white look, they tell Drew that they do love dark countertops. So, Jonathan picks one out for them, with some white veining.

    While plenty of homeowners like light countertops, this family explains that a darker countertop will hide spills better, and with two young boys, this is an important feature.

    Luckily, the dark countertop looks amazing next to the blue cabinets Jonathan picks, and when paired with some black and white bar chairs, the look comes together. It’s a perfect blend of colorful contemporary and edgy modern.

    Hide some storage in the kitchen island

    Drew and Jonathan never forget about Amy and Dominic’s need for storage. When the renovation is all done, they show Dominic and Amy some secret storage they put in the island. The sides of the island, next to the bar chairs, open up to reveal lots of space.

    Backsplash all the way up

    Before renovation starts, Amy points out that her toddler’s play kitchen has a backsplash, but the actual family kitchen doesn’t. So, as Jonathan designs their new kitchen, he’s sure to include a white backsplash that goes all the way to the ceiling.

    The white tile makes the kitchen look bigger, plus it gives the space a classy, updated look.

    So, do the Scott brothers deliver?

    Drew and Jonathan do a great job on Amy and Dominic’s home, transforming it from a cramped, outdated house into a spacious home with lots of light, color, and storage.

    There was one major setback during renovation: When ripping up old flooring, Jonathan found asbestos under the kitchen tile. Getting rid of the asbestos meant a $3,000 setback, but the Scott brothers are still able to make it work and come in right on budget, at a total of $140,000. Great job, Drew and Jonathan!

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