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    The Property Brothers Reveal the Best Ways To Declutter a House


    Drew and Jonathan Scott are used to bringing order to cluttered homes, but on the latest episode of “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” these brothers have met their match in one highly disorganized house!

    On the episode “From Chaos to Calm,” the brothers are surprised to see how disorderly their clients, Lois and Mark, keep their Toronto home. There are pool toys in the dining room, unfinished construction projects, and oversize furniture that make the house feel tight. But with three kids and a busy work schedule, Mark and Lois don’t have the time or know-how to turn their cluttered house into their family’s dream home.

    Can the Scott brothers help the couple reorganize their home? Or does this family of five simply need a bigger house? Read on to find out how Drew and Jonathan tame the chaos in ways that could help us all declutter and get organized.

    Remove large furniture from the foyer

    An entryway should feel welcoming, not cluttered.


    A home’s entryway should be bright and inviting, so the brothers aren’t sure why Mark and Lois decided to put a huge cabinet right in their doorway.

    It’s clear that this family needs more efficient storage in this space, so the brothers update and expand the hall closet. Then they can get rid of the cabinet, which opens up the entryway.

    This updated entryway has lots of storage and a fresh feel.


    To finish the space, the brothers paint the stair railing white, turning the outdated staircase modern and fabulous. In the end, the space looks welcoming, homey, and well-organized.

    An open kitchen beats a pass-through

    This pass-through wall didn’t open up the space.


    While Mark has started some home improvement projects with the best intentions, his busy work schedule has kept him from completing them. One of those half-done projects is a pass-through feature between the kitchen and living room.

    Realizing that the kitchen would feel much more open if the whole wall came down, the brothers bust it down, creating an open concept and a welcoming flow from the living room to the kitchen.

    Without that wall, this space looks so much larger!


    Without the wall, both the kitchen and the living room feel larger, proving that sometimes a pass-through simply isn’t enough to open up a space.

    Sometimes, two living rooms are better than one

    living room
    This TV room is stylish and cozy.


    When Lois and Mark moved to this large house, they thought they were upgrading their space for their growing family. But with cluttered living spaces and a formal dining room they don’t use, they don’t have any good space where they can kick back and relax.

    The Scotts decide that this family needs a calming, welcoming living room. In fact, they need two. With Lois and Mark’s three kids growing quickly, Jonathan and Drew know that some separate living spaces may help the couple keep peace as their kids enter their teenage years.

    So they turn the formal dining room into a second living room. Now, with both an adult sitting area for the parents to entertain friends and a separate TV room where the kids can hang out, this house perfectly accommodates a family of five. Plus, with the new open layout, these family members can enjoy separate spaces while still feeling connected.

    A formal dining room may not get used much

    dining room
    This dining room was clearly never used for dining.


    Before it was turned into a second living room, the formal dining room wasn’t used much—perhaps due to its formal ambiance. That’s why the Scotts decide to add a more informal, comfortable dining area to the kitchen.

    This new dining area, with a built-in banquette, is a much more casual space. It’s cozy, clean, and modern. Plus, it leaves room for lots of storage around and under the bench.

    built-in banquette
    This more casual space will get way more use at mealtimes.


    Not only is the family’s storage problem solved, but they can now enjoy meals in a more comfortable setting.

    Don’t hide the fireplace

    Lois and Mark didn’t want to show off this outdated fireplace.


    While Lois and Mark seem most worried about their cluttered style, the brothers are also concerned with the home’s outdated features—including a bulky fireplace that’s well past its prime.

    Mark and Lois seem embarrassed by this unsightly fireplace, which they try to hide behind bulky furniture. However, the brothers know that this fireplace could be fabulous if it got a face-lift.

    living room
    The fireplace now makes this room feel cozy and welcoming.


    The brothers redesign the fireplace, giving it a soft blue color to match the wall and a more sophisticated mantel. With this beautiful new fireplace as the centerpiece for the room, they install dark cabinets on either side, which add both dramatic contrast and plenty of storage space.

    Pick the perfect colors for the kitchen

    breakfast bar
    This peninsula has lots of style.


    The Scotts can tell that Lois and Mark haven’t updated the kitchen since they’ve moved in. The cabinets are worn out, the space is awkward, and the appliances are old. The brothers know right away that they’ll need to give this house an all-new kitchen.

    So, they fix up the space with all the latest and greatest features, including a top-loading microwave, a large sink, and a convenient peninsula. But the best part of this kitchen has to be the paint color they choose.

    The gray-blue color, paired with gold hardware, makes the kitchen look both modern and comfortable. It brings the kitchen into the 21st century, while also giving the space a sophisticated look.

    Do the Scott brothers deliver?

    At the beginning of the renovation, Jonathan and Drew tell the couple they can transform the house for just $190,000, but when the brothers find a leaky pipe in the living room, they wonder if that price will go up with the extra plumbing costs.

    However, the damage costs only $1,000 to fix, and since they’re able to stay on budget otherwise, the total cost ends up at just $191,000. That means the brothers are able to do all of this work while staying well within Lois and Mark’s budget of $200,000.

    With a completely renovated kitchen, lots of convenient storage, and a cozy dining area, this house looks brand-new. In the end, the brothers get to present this family with the house of their dreams, a home they’re sure to enjoy for many years to come.

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