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    The Property Brothers Reveal What Our Backyards Need Right Now on ‘Celebrity IOU’


    Drew and Jonathan Scott of “Property Brothers” are experts at renovating homes, but what about renovating backyards?

    On the latest episode of their new show, “Celebrity IOU,” titled “Surprise Outdoor Oasis,” the brothers help the comedian Rebel Wilson renovate her best friend Nicole’s yard in Burbank, CA.

    Wilson’s goal? To turn Nicole’s barren, boring outdoor space into a relaxing wonderland.

    Read on to learn how the Property Brothers pull it off—and, in the process, check out some cool backyard renovations (including a tiny pool!) that you might want to try on your own turf.

    A wood beam pergola adds shade and style

    The pergola lends definition to this dining space.


    Wilson tells the brothers that Nicole loves dining outside, so Drew and Jonathan get to work on an outdoor space that will be perfect for cooking and entertaining.

    The brothers include a barbecue, an outdoor fridge, and a large table that will fit plenty of friends. Plus, they top it off with a wood beam pergola.

    “A pergola will not only keep everyone cool,” Jonathan says, “it’s an architectural feature that will impress their guests as well.”

    The pergola looks amazing: With beefy wood beams and a white frame extending from the house, this feature adds flair to the dining area.

    A privacy screen helps set the mood

    Rebel Wilson
    Rebel Wilson helps the brothers plan out the design for the patio.


    Wilson loves the idea of turning Nicole’s small patio into a relaxing sitting area (complete with a TV!) but the brothers are worried about the block wall next to the space. The wall is unsightly, and it’s too low, making this private space feel too open. So, the brothers decide to add a privacy screen.

    Not only is the screen stylish, but it also makes the space feel more secluded.

    privacy screen
    This screen isn’t a solid wall, but it adds extra privacy.


    “You want to set that mood, make it feel comfy and inviting,” Jonathan explains, “so having the privacy screen will really make it feel like an indoor space.”

    Outside furniture should look like inside furniture

    Rebel Wilson
    Rebel Wilson helps the brothers choose some furniture.


    With a privacy screen that makes the porch feel like a second living room, the brothers know that this space will need some great outdoor furniture. So Wilson helps Drew and Jonathan pick out some great furnishings for the backyard.

    “Extending the indoor living vibe to the outside is not always easy,” Jonathan explains. “You need to have the furniture and accent pieces that feel as if they could be on the inside of your house.”

    In the end, the furniture looks great. The pieces make this outdoor space feel both luxurious and welcoming.

    The right tile adds elegance to a patio

    The terrazzo tile looks perfect on this patio.


    To finish off that indoor-outdoor look, the brothers choose a stylish terrazzo tile for the patio floor.

    Jonathan and Drew are sure to install it with tight joint lines that will make the tile look like a slab, giving the space a streamlined, elegant look. Plus, with its matte finish and bright color, this tile definitely gives the backyard an elevated feel.

    Go for synthetic turf instead of grass

    The brothers know that taking care of a lawn can be hard work, so they decide to use synthetic turf in Nicole’s backyard. They explain that they both have synthetic turf in their yards, and that it’s an easy way to save both water and hours of work every week.

    “I want Nicole to enjoy the backyard, not be cutting the yard every few days,” Drew says.

    A small pool can make a big difference

    Rebel Wilson
    Rebel Wilson helps Drew and Jonathan dig a pool.


    Drew and Jonathan are shocked when Wilson says she wants to add a pool to Nicole’s backyard.

    The yard isn’t very big to begin with, and with plans for an outdoor kitchen already in place, the brothers have to get creative with their design.

    They end up finding a way to install a small, half-above, half-below pool. The pool is just 12 feet by 6 feet, but with beautiful stone finishes and a modern fireplace nearby, this pool is the perfect spot to lounge.

    This pool is small … but luxurious!


    Is this ‘Celebrity IOU’ a success?

    Drew, Jonathan, and Wilson do an amazing job fixing up Nicole’s backyard.

    With a great back patio perfect for kicking back and watching TV, a dining area ideal for entertaining, and even a pool to relax in, this boring backyard is transformed into an oasis Nicole’s probably never going to want to leave.

    Rebel Wilson
    Rebel Wilson shows Nicole her new backyard.


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